Why am I never ashamed

This is what you are most ashamed of

Shame is a biting feeling. You can't turn it off and do little about it - similar to guilt. If you think back to certain embarrassing situations, you still blush today and want to sink into the ground. But sometimes it can help to say it out loud. We wanted to know from you what you are ashamed of and you answered us anonymously by tellonym.

"I am ashamed that I regularly secretly check my friend's cell phone because I am too afraid of being cheated again, even though I would so much like to trust him in this regard."

"For not saying anything when a woman made public racist statements."

"For my roommate, because he doesn't remove the spider eggs from his room."

“For a long time I was ashamed of being a woman with sexuality, lust and breasts. That probably had something to do with my Catholic upbringing. I'm in my early 30s now and have had many different experiences; Got to know people, my body and me. In the meantime, I'm hardly ashamed to be who I am anymore. "

“For the fact that I often cannot accept people with weak character. I find it hard to understand why they don't have the self-discipline to kick their asses. "

"For not meeting my own standards."

"For sucking a stranger when I was 15, totally drunk."

"That I get so loud when I'm insecure."

“For the so-called AfD and in general the rise of right-wing populism and the increasing social cold. I don't even want to start with Trump. "

“I am ashamed of having spent a large part of the past few years with psychotherapy and disorientation. Even though I know that it has made me stronger and that more people need it than I thought, I am ashamed of the image it throws at me. I find it difficult to be proud of what I have survived. "

"That I love someone I don't even know."

"To be ungrateful for all the money my parents give me in lieu of affection."

“For kissing a friend of mine (and the partner of a very good friend). There was alcohol involved, but also an attraction that had been palpable for a long time. I never wanted to be like my mother, whose affair shattered our family. It was just a kiss ‘, but it turned my morals upside down."

"For always getting jealous when my boyfriend meets other women."

"For my bladder weakness."

"For manipulating people I love in order to feel safe from the fear of being alone."

“For my penis. The thing is annoying and I wish it was gone. "

"For my parents because they let me down."

“I'm not sure what the disease is called, but my hands have been excessively sweaty since I was born. Not consistently, but this problem is extremely stressful for me. I cannot influence it at all and I don't know what it depends on. Anyone who advises me to try sage tea would like to show them the bird. In addition to tea, I've also been given pills and the wipes that athletes normally rub under their armpits, but nothing helps me. "

"That I'm in the ninth semester of my bachelor's degree."

"That I accepted a meeting for volunteers and then forgot to go."

“I feel uncomfortable about some things, but I don't try to be ashamed all the time. Shame and guilt are feelings that have been instilled in me since I was a child. My parents are narcissistic borderliners. I know that today. I feel uncomfortable that my child almost got caught in their clutches because of this and began to feel ashamed and guilty about everything. But I am proud that I have realized that and that I can do something about it. "