Why can't humanity live in peace?

Peace issues

sarah continued to write: "What should happen? Reason for this question: We just got the topic at school and I'm interested in it."

Most people want nothing more than to be able to live in peace. But unfortunately until now there has always been war somewhere in the world. And mostly it is also the case that the population does not want a war at all, but the politicians still determine the war. But at least there are no wars in over 160 countries around the world and most conflicts between and within states are resolved without violence.

Many people see world peace as a state of how the world should look. You mean the end of all wars and conflicts between and within states. However, because peace means more than the absence of war, for example no hunger and no poverty or that all children worldwide can go to school or that boys and girls are allowed to live on an equal footing, it seems almost impossible that ever anywhere in the world There will be peace.

However, it is important to recognize where the challenges lie and that countries are making efforts in precisely these areas. Peace is also described as a process of decreasing violence and increasing justice. If we succeed in getting all countries in the world to be in this process, it will be a really big step for peace worldwide. Here you can find out more about ideas about world peace.

Many people believe that the UN is the right way to work towards world peace. But many countries and states do not want to surrender so much of their power to the UN or are not satisfied with it. Whether there will ever be peace in the whole world is therefore a dream of many people. However, it is very uncertain whether this will ever happen.

Here you can find more information about world peace.