Why is my dog ​​licking my bed

Dog licks sleeping place

hi, my dog ​​has had a new sleeping place for about 2 months (
sun thin mat)
and since about 1 month she always licks it off when she gets there

Does she do this for hours or just a moment? With hours I would be a little worried that the dog would be bored. I would only call the behavior a stereotype if he practically does it all evening - like a hamster that walks on a bike for hours.

does anyone know why she does it, or do your animals do it

No idea why.

But our mutts also constantly slouch on everything. Whether now especially on their nests ... don't think they are seldom in there anyway, mostly in front of the front door or somewhere on a room wall. But they like to slouch my jeans for their lives - often exactly the training jeans that have already had a few days under their belt. There is no big difference between Blake (10 weeks) and Filou (> 1 year). Blake only slobbers a little more than Filou - Filou did that as a puppy too.

Hm. Perhaps you should also keep in mind that dogs perceive their environment by slapping - basically it is a sensory organ (even if any veterinarian would probably kill me for the wrong terminology). And if they slouch at each other or at people, that can easily be contact or a bondage gesture. You don't always have to believe that you taste particularly great or something (e.g. salty). Can just be "Hello, I like you";)