Which food goes well with chili dogs?

Original dog names for those with a sweet tooth

Delicious dog names: If you find your dog to nibble on, food and (especially alcoholic) drinks offer some original and mostly cheerful dog name ideas. There are enough points of contact. From matching fur colors to favorite treats to the temperament and character of a dog - or even to the dog owners' preferences. Here are the best food and drink dog name ideas:

Apple - English proverb: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". If that doesn't go well with a dog ...

Batida (de Coco) for dogs with light or white fur.
Baccardi - also for light-colored dogs (or possibly with special drink preferences of the owner?). Hard and spirited sounding consonants. Can be called well on the dog meadow.
Baileys - brown fur, brown cream liqueur, that might fit. Soft and cuddly sound.
Becks - The more down-to-earth variant ...
Bones - Dogs, from whom no bone is safe and who can chew on things with devotion for hours, are probably happy about the appropriate salutation.
Bounty - engl. actually "bonus", "reward", or "donation". If that's too "brainy" as a name for animal welfare dogs, you might prefer to think of a chocolate bar. Dogs are the greatest reward for their owners anyway.
bourbon - This would also include a color-matching drink in the raffle for reddish-brown dogs.
Brownie - the classic American sponge cake with cocoa powder does not only go well with dark brown sweet tooth.

Campari - sounds Italian, of course, also quick and a bit cheeky.
Candy - for sweet sugar candy.
Cayenne - for self-confident dogs with temperament and "fire".
chili - even shorter and sharper.
Coffee - black or brown and strong.
Cookie - engl. for "biscuit" or "cookie". Popular especially with smaller dogs, all the more original with a Bernese Mountain Dog.
cracker - for real "cracker".
curry - both an Indian spice mixture and an English first name.

Flake - engl. for flakes, e.g. "cornflakes". Very cute name e.g. for small dogs.

gin - In addition to the drink, also a popular English first name or a common abbreviation for names such as Virginia and the like.
Guinness - for friends of the British Isles. Dark beer brand from Ireland, also known for the Guiness Book of Records for top performance, extreme values ​​and "natural phenomena". As a dog name, it sounds very suitable for many four-legged friends.

Honey - also a good nickname.

biscuit - goes at least as well with many dogs as the English cookie.
Crumbs - ideal dog name for small, sweet cuddly cheeks.

Lemon - English for "lemon".

Merlot - for lovers of the French way of life.
Mojito - goes well with the nimble cheeky badger and his "soul mate".
Muffin - You wouldn't believe how many delicious names there are for cookies and cakes.
Nacho - smart name, which originally describes the delicious tortilla chips as well as the Spanish abbreviation for the first name "Ignacio".
Noodles - engl. Term for "noodle", e.g. for very slim dogs.
nougat - the sweetest temptation since dogs existed ...

ouzo - short and clear, like the drink.

Peaches - sounds more like a puppy name. Does "peach" still fit as a dog name for the adult animal?
Peanut - small and crisp.
Pepper - sharp name, spirited dog.
Pepsi - The name has long since broken away from the soda model.
Popcorn - somehow sounds like a cozy evening at the cinema with four-legged friends.

Raki - also short and clear, is popular as the Turkish national drink (aniseed schnapps).

Salt - for dogs with white fur.
Chocolate - quasi the color counterpart.
Scotch - Abbreviation for "Scotch Whiskey", but sounds pretty cool for male dogs even without reference to alcohol.
Smartie - "smart" engl. for: skillful, witty, clever. But Smartie can also be a nerd who shows off his cleverness.
Snickers - just as good as any other chocolate bar.
Spice - engl. for "spice".
Sugar - cute name, period.
sushi - there are supposed to be dogs who like to wallow in dead fish. If you can smell that out, it's a really original dog name.

Taco - Corn flat cakes with delicious content
- English for caramel or cream candy, light brown.
tortilla - Spanish omelette, substantial, versatile. Good for dogs who love food.