Is a lot of famous art crap


The Nordheide Wochenblatt reported in its issue of June 20, 2012 under the motto "Jesteburg scores with beautiful landscape, art and manure" over a large dung heap in Lüllau. Editor-in-chief Reinhard Schrader wondered if there was more to this dung heap. But he did not dare to ask the people in charge of the "art village" Jesteburg.

Jesteburg artists and cultural workers enjoyed the weekly report and took it as an opportunity for a spontaneous art campaign. They mucked out and showed theirs Art crap around the big, famous dung heap.
The news spread spontaneously to the south, whereupon a Munich artist quickly sent his art rubbish to the north for support. On the longest night of the year, the Kunsthaufen exerted a magical attraction, sparked lively discussions about art and life, and invited people to change their eyes and linger spontaneously in the beautiful landscape.

It will be interesting to see what other art actions will follow.


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