Are flights overbooked

Flight overbooked? You can find important information here!

The plane tickets have been paid for, the suitcases packed and you are full of anticipation for the upcoming vacation. When you check-in at the airport, the shock: your flight is overbooked!

To prevent empty seats on the plane, it is not uncommon for airlines to sell more tickets than the plane has seats. Because it happens again and again that passengers do not take their booked flight afterwards. A loss for the airline concerned! But what if more guests start their trip than expected? In this case, it is said that a flight is overbooked. The same can also happen under certain circumstances if the intended machine has to be exchanged for a smaller model at short notice, for example due to a technical defect.

Basically, this is common for many services where the providers expect short-term cancellations. So it can happen to you while on vacation that your flight arrives on time, but the hotel is overbooked.

Flight overbooked - what now?

If the bill does not work out and there are not enough seats available for all passengers, only one thing helps: some passengers will have to give up their seats. First, the airline has to try to find volunteers who are willing to take a later flight. As a rule, such voluntary passengers benefit from travel vouchers or an upgrade to a higher on-board class - or from individually agreed compensation in cash. But what if nobody wants to give up their seat voluntarily? The airline can then simply refuse boarding to passengers. Children as well as people with restricted mobility and their companions have priority.

If you are refused boarding, you are entitled to compensation

Is your flight overbooked and are you one of the unfortunate people who have to vacate your seat? According to the EU Air Passenger Rights Ordinance, in such a case you have the right to financial compensation in addition to certain utilities (food, drinks, telephone calls). How high this is depends on the flight distance in kilometers - the price you paid for your tickets does not matter.

The amount of the compensation is as follows:

  • 0-1500 km: 250 euros
  • from 1,500 km within the EU: 400 euros
  • 1,500 - 3,500 km for other flights: 400 euros
  • For all other flights: 600 euros

What to do if your flight is overbooked

As you now know, if you have to vacate your seat in favor of another passenger, you are entitled to appropriate compensation. However, you are only entitled to compensation if you arrive at check-in on time and can present all the papers required for the flight. If the replacement flight offered to you takes off with a delay of five hours, you are also free to withdraw from the trip. The airline will then have to reimburse you the full ticket price - in addition to the compensation.

How to make your claim

Your flight has been overbooked and you want to exercise your right to compensation? We at are committed to you! If necessary, we will also go to court so that you can get the amount you are entitled to by law. Only in the event of success we will charge you a commission of 20 to 30 percent plus VAT on the compensation amount paid out.

By the way: Your entitlement only expires after three full calendar years. So you can also exercise your right to compensation at a later date.

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If the flight is overbooked, passengers have to be left behind - there is compensation for that!