Why is Amanda Cerny so popular

Mödlinger fitness professional Johannes Bartl is working his way up in the USA

A muscular Austrian who went to America to make a real career in fitness and acting - and finally made it. Well, does the story sound familiar to you? You are probably thinking of Austro-Export Arnold Schwarzenegger, 70. Exactly 50 years ago, he emigrated to the USA as a bodybuilder in order to live the "American Dream". First became Mister Universum, then TV and cinema star, later the 38th Governor of California. But we're not talking about him now, we're talking about Johannes Bartl, 30, from Mödling. Three years ago, the personal trainer left everything here to build a new life 9,820 kilometers away in LA. The beginning in the adopted country turned out to be an adventure and a great challenge at the same time: "It was an overwhelming feeling to realize my dream in another country. It starts with little things like a new bank account or cell phone contract. The first two months were certainly the most exciting, as even a trip to the supermarket was an experience. "

After a year of acting school, Bartl began to go to castings and auditions - and received one rejection after another. But giving up was not an option for the emigrant: "It was difficult because nobody wanted to work with me." But that ultimately turned out to be a great stroke of luck. Because: "The defeats motivated me to start my own mini-productions in the form of Instagram videos." He now has almost two million followers under "Johannes Bartl" and works with one of the largest agencies in LA.

Everything on the road to success

In addition to humorous film clips, the 30-year-old also works as an online sports coach. On bodybybartl.com he offers users workout plans for every fitness level. He trains at least an hour a day to keep his body in good shape and of course pays close attention to the right diet. It's also going pretty well in his private life: Bartl has been in a relationship with model and actress Amanda Cerny, 27, for a year. He also shoots most of his videos with her. "We were friends, and slowly more developed out of that," he says. The two have a love for sport and a passion for show business in common. They share their lives with their fans on Instagram (Cerny has 22.1 million subscribers) every day. For example, when Bartl teaches his American girlfriend German words like "Truck driver" and "Oachkatzlschwoaf" or when they go on vacation to a Greek island. Bartl also likes to take on romantic tones and posts under joint pictures declarations of love such as: "Back in LA after ten wonderful days on Mykonos with the best travel companion you can imagine. I can hardly wait for our next adventure together." On her birthday in June, he wrote: "I fell in love with you a long time ago, but it still feels like it was in the beginning."

A little homesick

Bartl has arrived in his new home and has settled in: "Sure, I miss my family and friends. One or two weeks a year I fly to Vienna to visit everyone. I also miss the lakes and the mountains. I am one passionate skier, and there is no better place for it than Austria. The country will always have a place in my heart, but my future lies here in America, "explains the fitness expert. "I like the way of life and the people here very much. Also the weather - and that the possibilities that you have here are actually unlimited." He has already set himself a very specific goal for the future: "In a few years I will definitely see myself on the big screen in an action-packed Hollywood film." In this sense: Hasta la vista!

Tips from professionals: The emigrant knows a thing or two about sports. He passes on his knowledge to users as an online coach on bodybybartl.com.