Who can help me find my talent

What am I good at? This is how you find your talent

You don’t know what you’re best at? With these questions you can finally find out what your strengths are and what the difference between strength and talent is.

Only who his Strengthen knows, can also find his (professional) fulfillment. That very few really know which one talent In many cases this is due to a wrong perspective. Because already in school we learn to look more and more at what we are not particularly good at, while the Strengths and talents often hardly noticed. Our questions and tips will help you find your strengths.

Discover strengths - this is how it works:

What is particularly easy for me?

Take five minutes to write down at least ten qualities, activities, and strengths that are easy to find. Do not give any evaluation or weighting, but write down everything that comes to mind; no matter how little extraordinary the property appears.

Tip: Free yourself from thinking bans

When looking for their own strengths, many are stuck in categorical thought patterns. Initially, however, it is not a question of finding out which job or which social structure you fit into, but simply of defining where your own talent lies. Allow all thoughts to do so; regardless of whether your talent is in breeding pigeons, building Ikea furniture or memorizing 12-digit numbers.

Who is your role model?

Who do you admire Ask yourself what exactly inspires about these people? Is it a special skill? Or maybe the courage that the person has mustered to follow their own personal strengths and talents? From the answer you can certainly draw a conclusion for your life path. By the way: An informative answer can often be found in the question of whom one envies.

What did you like to do in childhood?

Children often know intuitively what they are good at and what they like to do. Whether it's a talent for music, a strength in dealing with animals, or caring play with dolls; In childhood, we do not evaluate or limit our strengths, but rather live them to the full.

Tip: recognize strengths by trying them out

If you have never had a guitar in your hand, you will not know whether you have a special gift for playing guitar. Many strengths and talents can only be recognized in practice. If you are still looking for your personal skills, you can try it out. Maybe there are hobbies that you always wanted to try?

Click here for our hobby test:

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What do the others say about your strengths?

Often you can't even see the forest for the trees. In this case, friends, colleagues and family can help to find out about your own strengths. Ask your surroundings to write down in key words, where they see your talents and abilities.

What do you enjoy the most?

Is there an activity or occupation that you particularly enjoy? Something that makes you completely lose track of time? Everyone has such a passion. Often it has only been forgotten in the course of time or you don't dare to allow yourself to think about it. Even if it's something absurd; this activity says a lot about your talent.

Tip: Learn from like-minded people

Maybe you already have a guess as to where your talent lies. Then look for like-minded people (e.g. in seminars, associations, cultural offers) with whom you can exchange ideas. How did you find your way to your talent? How do you promote it? And how do you use it? Is there maybe even a professional opportunity to use it?

What can you teach other people?

Is there something that others often ask you to do? Do you help your friends fill out their tax documents, help them with elaborate hairstyles or do you often take care of other children? You can also discover your strengths in such gestures.

Tip: immerse yourself in the matter

Whoever has found his talent should pursue him. Even when the road is rocky. Because just because something is easy for you doesn't mean that you don't need practice, experience and practice to turn your talent into a strength. Maybe you are looking for a teacher who can help you. The important thing is to stick to the point. Only those who do not give up can develop.

Strengths and Talents: What's the Difference?

  • Talents are special, natural dispositions, interests and talents that were literally put into the cradle. It can also be thought or feeling patterns that come across again and again in life. For example, someone who can empathize with other people can have great empathic talent. Or someone who finds it exciting to deal with numbers, has a computational or even bookkeeping talent.
  • Talents grow through learning, practicing, and experimenting Strengthen further educated. Strengths are the perfection of individual abilities that has been acquired. However, this often requires a little sweat and diligence. If you turn your talent into a strength, you will become a great coach or psychologist, or a good accountant or banker.

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