Are liberals warmongers

JUNOS - Young Liberal Warmongers?

For weeks now, JUNOS has been running a sensational anti-China campaign under the guise of human rights concerns with the strong support of NEOS, their parent party. Some people will be surprised where the sense for the well-being of ordinary people suddenly comes from the liberals, since they don't miss any chance to make life as difficult for them as possible.

On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes clear - what this self-righteous exploiting party and its offspring are really about: to enforce the imperialist interests of the EU and its member states, if necessary with war. They are rattling their sabers more and more brazenly, especially when it comes to China - for example in their approval of a comment that calls for “Europe” to “stop stupid pacifism. Otherwise it falls back into insignificance ”.

NEOS and JUNOS make no secret of the fact that they not only approve of the undermining of Austrian neutrality by the EU, but want to expand it further: for years they have been calling for the final abolition of neutrality and the creation of an EU army with Austrian participation. It is a thorn in their side that the member states of the EU can use their veto. What they want and demand is nothing less than war in the interests of private profits.

Often the liberals are rightly ridiculed as spoiled, rich unsympathetic people. But the NEOS are no less dangerous than other reactionary forces in this country - there is no common struggle with them at any level. They stand unconditionally on the side of the exploiters, the corporations, the warmongers. They showed that with the 12-hour day, with the call for women's shelters to be abolished, and last but not least with their war rhetoric.