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Distance learning : "Schools try to do the best with their resources"

The school barometer also asked teachers whether their school had coordinated concepts for distance and alternating teaching. How pupils are supported in planning and documenting their learning goals and their learning progress independently is therefore bindingly regulated “in less than every fourth school”. Have schools failed to conceptually prepare for this situation after the initial lockdown?
Nina Jude: In educational research, too, we often assume that there must be documented concepts in schools. But the reality in schools is different. Even if the manual for scenario A or B does not exist, every school has now thought about how to organize alternating or distance learning. Schools must be able to react very quickly to greatly changed initial situations. Rigid concepts make little sense.

Nevertheless, schools are well advised to agree on certain standards, especially when it comes to how learning goals are planned and performance documented. How the learning progress is determined and, for example, tests are written in distance learning is still discussed, although the Leopoldina expert committee had already requested this at the beginning of this school year. Here, technical possibilities are also required to determine the learning status, because only then can you continue with the material. There is still a lot of development work to be done, not only by the schools, but also by the school authorities. For this purpose, schools need easy-to-use solutions within the framework of the learning platforms.

Stefan Brauckmann-Sajkiewicz: At the schools, the focus was initially on crisis management in order to take away the uncertainty of the staff and the students. Nobody had the master plan in their pockets. Many schools are proud to have tackled the situation together. That welded the school community together. Sometimes, however, there was not enough time to put this into writing in a concept.

Nina Jude: In many places it was hoped that after the summer it would all be over and a return to regular classes would be possible. The situation has now changed, however, which is why the question of putting concepts into writing and consolidating them is more important: What have we learned, what has helped us, what would we keep? If that is there by the end of this school year, it would be a great success.