Why am I bad at law school?

Greetings from the dean

Dear Sir or Madam, dear students and prospective students,
Friends and supporters of the Faculty of Law, welcome to our website!

I am happy to take the opportunity to briefly inform you about our faculty. The law faculty is one of the four founding faculties of the university, alongside the theological, medical and artist faculties. It was created on October 1, 1477 and has existed since then - in various organizational structures - without interruption. For details on the development of the faculty, see History.

One of the main tasks of the faculty is to train high school graduates from all over Germany in law as a major. With a degree from our faculty you can become a judge or a lawyer after a successful legal clerkship. The faculty also offers various courses for students from other faculties. The LL.M. program is a separate course of study aimed at graduates from foreign universities. In addition, many students from abroad complete part of their training in Tübingen as part of the Erasmus and other exchange programs. Our faculty attaches great importance to good advice to its students and all prospective students from Germany and abroad. You can find an overview of contacts and information about the course of studies on the website of our academic advisory service. Students who are active in a number of student groups also offer a wide range of practical assistance.

Research and teaching are currently carried out by 23 professors and their academic staff. In addition, experienced practitioners from the judiciary, from the legal profession and from other legal professions work as honorary professors or lecturers. You can find more information about the lecturers and the courses on offer in the sections Professors and Courses.

The Law Faculty of the University of Tübingen is not a "division" oriented towards specific sections of the legal system, but a "full faculty" in the sense that, in principle, topics from the entire breadth of German, but also European and international law are researched and taught . Nevertheless, there are content-related focal points. They can be found above all in the historical foundations of law, in the law of companies - understood as private and public national and international business and competition law, labor and tax law - as well as in the international law, the EU - and parts of public security law interlocking criminal law and criminology. You can find information on the research interests of the chair holders under the keyword research. Valuable research work is also carried out by the faculty's post-doctoral candidates and doctoral candidates.

With the legal seminar and the computer center, our faculty has a well-developed infrastructure for researchers and teachers as well as for students. Nevertheless, the faculty is grateful for any external ideal and material support, which is not only provided by the Juristic Society Tübingen e.V., but also.

The Faculty of Law is part of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, which has been recognized as a “University of Excellence”. The fact that excellent research and teaching is carried out at the Faculty of Law is evidenced, for example, by appointments from members of the faculty to the highest judicial offices as well as various scientific awards. Even in the not undisputed rankings of all kinds, our faculty repeatedly scores well above average. However, these rankings usually say little about the real research and study conditions on site, which are important in everyday university life. One of the main tasks of the faculty board is to design these conditions as well as possible despite certain legal and financial constraints. My colleagues and I will do our best in the term in office that lies ahead. We look forward to your studies or your visit to our law faculty in Tübingen!

I warmly greet you all
Wolfgang Forster