Taylor Swift looks different than before

Taylor Swift suddenly round: does she have buttock implants?

A few months ago, Katy Perry's ex-boyfriend Diplo called for donations: Give Taylor Swift a butt. Now the singer suddenly has new curves - what's going on?

Taylor Swift is known for many things. For the catchy tunes that she writes herself, for her angelic voice and also for her long legs, which she even had insured. But the curves? The slim 1.78 meter tall blonde leaves that to the other pop stars like Beyoncé, Shakira or Jennifer Lopez. Until now! One could think so. Because at the "iHeartRadio Awards" Taylor Swift suddenly appeared with a butt that caused excitement - much rounder and plumper than usual, as if she had let him do it. Of course, nobody missed that and "The Hollywood Gossip" is already rumored that the singer had buttock implants inserted.

The before and after comparison

Let's compare. Seen here Taylor Swift at the 2016 Grammys, which took place in February.

And this is Taylor Swift in April 2016.

A butt for Calvin?

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Definitely different, isn't it? Now one can speculate what happened there. Has Taylor Swift put on a few pounds and luckily they went straight to the right spots? Is the outfit just very figure-hugging or does it have pads in it? Or did she let herself be put under the knife?

Funnily enough, there have been rumors for some time that Taylor's boyfriend Calvin Harris, 32, wants a girlfriend with more buttocks and that he thinks Taylor is too thin. Since then, she has reportedly worked hard on her bum in the gym, which was also seen on recent vacation snaps.

At least one thing is certain: now Taylor Swift has finally shown Diplo. The DJ and ex-boyfriend of Swift's archenemy Katy Perry poked a while ago against the blonde (to impress Katy Perry, presumably). "Someone should start crowdfunding to get Taylor Swift a booty," he wrote on his Twitter account in November 2014.