Who's the worst superhero buddy

Batman knows Robin is the worst buddy he could ever have

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman: Black and White # 5

In the latest issue of DC Comics ‘ Batman: black and whiteA short story confirms that Damian Wayne could be the Dark Knight's worst buddy. If Bruce Wayne takes his son on a bike ride, he will also be asked to locate the location of a criminal meeting that will take place that evening. In addition, the Dark Knight wants to prepare and plan all the details that will allow him to drive fear into the heat of the criminals. However, Robin doesn't get it at all and eventually ruins Batman's plans completely.

The short story is the first in Batman: Black and White # 5, with the title "A father & son outing“By the artist and writer Jorge Jimenez. As mentioned earlier, Bruce wants to prepare for the evening ahead, and he wants everything to be precisely tuned to the sounds, lights, shadows, and even the angle of his entrance, but Damian doesn't really understand what all the fuss is about, and wonders why he and his dad can't just show up and beat them all up. Bruce replies that all of the planning is "because he is Batman," and so he has to take the extra step of ensuring that his enemies experience true and unbridled fear from his presence.

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Batman continues to go through the plan with his son, believing that the light (or lack of it) will be essential to making him and his silhouette absolutely terrifying, and the thugs will run and be a "cowardly and superstitious lot". The Batman appears to be a demon and justice is served. However, when evening comes Damian completely ignores the plan and just starts beating, weirdly ignoring his father's wishes and being a terrible sidekick as Robin.

The best part is that you would expect the Dark Knight to be mad at Robin, but he actually can't help but smile and seems to find the situation funny too, despite feeling that way in private. Another page or two, and it is likely that readers have seen Robin get into pretty big trouble, despite getting results from his more impetuous and bolder methods.

Regardless, it's a compelling story overall that takes an intriguing look at how far Batman goes to cultivate and evolve, how he appears to his enemies, to ensure they become victims of his terror and fear incarnated in their eyes " become. However, it's also a story about Bruce raising his sometimes rebellious son who still has a lot to learn. Additionally, Batman, secretly smiling at Robin's antics, displays an intimacy with his son that is seldom shown to readers (let alone Damian himself), and it's a great crowning glory for the Jimenez and DC Comics edition. Although Robin might not be the best buddy in this story, Batman still saw him as a son he loved Batman: black and white.

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