How do I make money with sneakers

Sneaker reseller - earn money with limited-edition shoes

Through numerous media reports on the Internet and television, some people have now become aware that one or two euros can be earned by reselling sneakers. But is the business really that lucrative? In this article you will learn all important information about sneaker resellers and what is important in a successful resell game.

Sneaker Reseller - the business with limited-edition sneakers

In recent years, the sneaker culture has grown experienced incredible growth. Increasingly, people are showing an increased interest in limited-edition sneakers and streetwear. Since the high demand is often not satisfied due to the strict limitation of certain products, the Models resold in third markets for a higher selling price. While sneakers were initially swapped for other models from sneakerhead to sneakerhead or changed hands for a very small surcharge, the growing demand and the associated steadily rising prices have meanwhile developed into an entire business.

Professional sneaker resellers in Europe and around the world it has meanwhile made it their business to earn a living by reselling limited edition sneakers. With resale prices that reach over 1000% of the original retail price, you can live with it quite well. Here there is however some aspects to consider that are essential for success. The success of such a business model is certainly not easy!

The necessary start-up capital

Since sneakers behave a bit like stocks and are subject to constant price fluctuations, you should only work with money that you have spare. If you misjudge a release or if the prices of certain sneakers fall into the basement, it is particularly annoying if you are dependent on this money. Of course you can make money with special sneakers, but the probability of getting certain models at no extra charge is not particularly high. Many people therefore buy sneakers from private individuals and hope that their value will increase later. In order to be able to buy these from private providers, you first need some money.

Extensive knowledge of sneakers and the latest releases

Without the necessary expertise, you will likely incur high losses right from the start. Exact knowledge of sneakers, collabos and extensive general knowledge of the sneaker cosmos are practically a basic requirement. Even with good knowledge, it is difficult to calculate losses, because a restock or re-release of a rare model can lurk around every corner. Anyone who misjudges a release is also stuck on his stick.

Contacts are everything

Limited-edition sneakers would certainly not be in such high demand if they were so easy to get. Sneakerheads with extensive specialist knowledge also give everything to the releases to get their grail and often end up with nothing. To get a said sneaker at the drop has to do with a lot of luck, despite great efforts such as countless raffle registrations and punctual presence in the online shop!

Camp outs are also only partially worthwhile if you take into account that you can work elsewhere for the countless hours in front of the shops and earn your money there. The most successful resellers are often found by some couples through special contacts before the release. Finding such contacts is anything but easy! On the one hand, this is unfair to the others and, from a legal point of view, a gray area! Anyone who comes up with the glorious idea of ​​writing to the numerous sneaker stores privately should get this out of their heads. No reputable store will seriously address such a message.

Know where sneakers are best sold

Very few sneaker resellers have their own consignment shop. For this reason, resellers are increasingly going to sneaker fairs and renting their own booth there and selling their models in Facebook groups and on their Instagram accounts. Those who are particularly serious can even create their own website, but first of all it has to get some traffic from potential buyers. Since other resell platforms such as StockX are less worthwhile due to the high fees, memberships in communities such as sneaker-oriented Facebook groups are practically a basic requirement. The sale of sneakers also takes some time due to the maintenance of the many advertisements.

Is it worth all the effort?

If done correctly, you can definitely earn money by reselling sneakers. However, since you are practically self-employed as a sneaker reseller, there is also a high risk associated with the business. You have no regular income and without certain contacts and a little start-up capital you will probably not be very successful in this business. Too many people now try their hand at the business and fail miserably. So it is nowhere near as easy as some media reports make it appear. Also keep in mind that if you earn more than € 450 per month, you also have to pay taxes as a sneaker reseller. Before you spend days at Camp Outs for a shoe that will bring you € 200 profit in the end, you should consider looking for a good job. In this way you also earn money and you don't have to spend your time in wind and weather in front of a sneaker store on the street.