Does it hurt to be tackled in American football?

Less wrong decisions Five things football can learn from football


Soccer is the number 1 sport in Germany. Still. Because meanwhile football is also slowly arriving. So maybe football should peck a bit at its American brother - because he has a lot ahead of football.

From: Florian Nöhbauer

Status: 04.02.2016 | archive

Getting excited about soccer games is part of the game like corner flags and goal posts. Just stupid if the referee was to blame for the defeat again. In American football you are much further along - and some things could also be copied from football.

1. Believe the technology, not the referee!

Was the ball in or not? Was it offside or not? Almost every day, goals are given in football that weren't there - goal-line technology or not. In short: unsporting - and the referee is actually always the Horst. In football, every touchdown and every turnover - i.e. every loss of the ball - is then checked with television images. The referee can first scream "Touchdown" and then say: Sorry, but not. A wrong decision is never decisive for the game. And that's just fair.

2. Let the trainers have a say!

Referees are wrong - even in football. Has the player stepped out earlier or was he actually on the ground before he lost the ball? No problem. Each coach can review two decisions per game, immediately after the move. If he is correct both times, he receives a third "Coach’s Challenge" - if he is wrong, a timeout is deducted. That takes additional pressure from the referee, who is man enough to admit his mistake. Because: Nobody is perfect!

3. Leave the referee alone!

Not all decisions can be challenged. In football, too, some decisions cause trouble for players. In football, however, you will never see a pack of snarling wolves chasing the referee across the pitch, waving wildly. Because if a player touches the referee, he is immediately thrown off the field - plus his team immediately wanders back 15 yards. In the wild card game Pittsburgh against Cincinatti, for example, an unsportsmanlike foul was whistled against a player from Cincinatti. When another player approached the referee about it, there was another one afterwards. The result: Pittsburgh was allowed to advance 30 yards in the last minute and was able to kick the decisive field goal. You think twice about whether you are really yelling at the referee.

4. Fix the rules!

Unlike football, football is not that obsessed with traditions. If the league notices that a rule is out of date or a new one could make the game more exciting, then that will be done too. Right away. For example, before this season, the extra kick was moved back 13 yards after a touchdown. The result: Whole games were decided because the extra kick went wrong - which had almost never happened before. The proposal came from the New England Patriots, by the way. And they just missed the Super Bowl this year: because of a messed up extra kick.

And there is one thing that football players should learn from all other athletes: stop crying. Sure, football is about riveting players - not football. But this constant dropping, wasting time and whining on the floor is just plain embarrassing. People, there are cameras in the field! They see that this is a swallow! A football player would never pretend anything hurt him just to get a foul off. On the contrary: even if an opponent has pushed him full throttle, he is back on his feet a second later and pretends to have felt nothing. He then howls over his broken shoulder when the cameras can no longer see him.

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