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Republicans in the House of RepresentativesTrump supporters want Liz Cheney overthrown

The interview was over, but a microphone was still on. Since then, everyone has been able to hear how Kevin Mc Carthy, head of the Republican MP, really thinks of his deputy Liz Cheney: he's fed up with her.

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McCarthy heard with unusual clarity that he had lost confidence in Cheney. now only someone has to submit an application. This time the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives also wants to get rid of Cheney. She bothers: she voted for Trump's impeachment and contradicts at every opportunity when Republicans across the country claim that Donald Trump actually won the presidential election. In interviews, Kevin McCarthy asserts that it is not about her position and Cheney's criticism of Trump. There are doubts in the group, according to the group chairman on Fox News, as to whether the Wyoming woman is the right person to convey that everyone has to work together instead of attacking each other.

In fact, Trump's lie that the election was actually won has become dogma in the Republican Party. Three quarters of all voters are convinced of this. Many MPs and some Republican senators take the lie offensively because they believe it or because they are afraid that they will not be told at the earliest opportunity. In recent weeks, only female candidates who repeated the lie of electoral fraud and who otherwise had Donald Trump's full support have won internal Republican primaries.

The party leadership is angry

As always, Liz Cheney reacted straightforwardly: This is about whether the Republican Party wants to perpetuate the lies about the last presidential election and gloss over what happened on January 6th. You won't lie or gloss over anything, said Cheney's spokesman. That is exactly the problem for the party. Former Republican MP and Trump critic Charlie Dent also sees it this way: The party leadership is simply annoyed because they have said it so clearly.

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Cheney, 54, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is one of the most conservative politicians in the Republican Party. As a leader, she has earned broad trust through her committed, indecent work and because over the years she has supported many MPs in their election campaigns and in projects. That saved her and helped her vote in February. But if the Republican MPs do not vote in secret, but openly next Wednesday, things could be tight. Anyone who contradicts Trump and his lies is very alone. Senator Mitt Romney experienced the same thing over the weekend. Back home in Utah, he narrowly escaped reprimand for supporting Trump's impeachment and was booed extensively at the party conference.

Republicans like Elise Stefanik are currently booming in the Grand Old Party. The parliamentary group leadership supports the 36-year-old Trump loyalist from the state of New York, now Donald Trump has also declared that Stefanik is the far better choice, he fully supports her. Only a handful of parliamentary group members have so far complained quietly. But her problem is not that Liz Cheney should be replaced. They see themselves discriminated: it hits them that they are not eligible for the post in the parliamentary group leadership - just because they are men.