What are the requirements to claim LTA

Vocational rehabilitation and integration

Funded return to work after illness or accident.

Would you like to return to work after illness or an accident or are you at risk of unemployment due to health problems? Then you could be entitled to vocational rehabilitation.

Vocational rehabilitation is intended to improve or restore employability and as far as possible avoid or delay the path to a disability pension. The legislature has created a special instrument for this, the so-called “Benefits for Participation in Working Life (LTA)”. In order to be able to claim these services, you must submit a corresponding application to the relevant service provider.

You can find detailed information on this, for example, in the information brochures of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung: Brochure series of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung

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    What can benefits for participation in working life be?

    The legal entitlement to benefits for participation in working life is regulated in Book IX of the Social Code. This includes the following services:

    • Help to maintain or obtain a job, including advice and placement, training measures and mobility aids,
    • vocational preparation including the necessary basic training,
    • professional adaptation and further training including a required school-leaving qualification or
    • vocational training.

    Book IX of the Social Code expressly names professional development agencies as special rehabilitation centers.

    With whom do I apply for benefits for participation in working life (LTA)?

    The Pension insurance is responsible if you:

    • have paid at least 180 months of social security contributions (corresponds to 15 years) or
    • medical rehab carried out by DRV results in the need for professional rehab.

    Employment Agency is responsible if:

    • You have paid social security contributions for less than 180 months and for
    • all other cases.

    Trade association:

    • Need for rehabilitation as a result of a commuting accident / accident at work or an occupational disease
    Are there forms for applying for an LTA?
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