Which animal has 4 eyes?

Four eyes

The Four eyes (Anableps anableps) counts within the family of four eyes (Anablepidae) to the genus of four eyes (Anableps). In English the four-eye becomes Four-eyed fish called.


The four-eye reaches a body length of up to 30 cm. The body is elongated, slightly cylindrical and quite flat. On the upper side, the four eyes are grayish to olive green, the flanks are mostly whitish. The dorsal fin lies very far back on the back. The strong pectoral fins are paddle-shaped and are also used for locomotion in shallow water. The eyes represent a special feature. Your eyes are divided in two by a partition. You can see above water with the upper part of the eye. With the lower part you can see underwater at the same time. Due to the different curvature of the retina, you can see equally sharply both under and over water. Four-eyes live in small groups of up to ten fish.


Four eyes find their distribution in northern South America. They can be found in Trinidad, Venezuela and Brazil as far as the Amazon Delta. The four eyes mostly live in fresh water, but can also be found here and there in the brackish water of lagoons and mangrove swamps.


Four-eyes are carnivores and feed mainly on aquatic insects, larvae and other invertebrates, as well as small fish. Four eyes go hunting for prey on the surface of the water.


The four-eye is one of the few species of fish that are viviparous. There is a maximum of two births per year. Mating takes place through internal fertilization. The mating organ of the male is morphologically the safest distinguishing feature. The female gives birth to between one and five young animals that are three to four centimeters in length. They feed on small insects that swim on the surface of the water.


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