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The corona effect: 4 future scenarios for business and society

Toilet paper is hammered, noodles are sold in large quantities over the shop counter, and disinfectants are almost only available in the hand. Is total isolation coming or do we experience a new spring of commonality? One thing is clear: after the Corona crisis, nothing is what it used to be. As uncertain as the current course of the crisis may seem, the methods and tools of trend and future research can be used to assess the possible consequences of the pandemic. The Zukunftsinstitut therefore has 4 scenarios that describe what our future after the pandemic could look like in the medium term:

Scenario 1: total isolation

In the beginning there was Shut down - and the shutdown is on normality become. It's normal to scan your wrist chip when entering the metro or to scan each other's chip before your first date Health data to send. We need one when we leave the country Approval. For countries outside the EU, you even have to go through a lengthy visa procedure. Trade agreementindividual states guarantee one another the basic supply, but nothing more. We like to live in total isolation.

Scenario 2: system crash

The virus staggered the world and it won't come out. The Focus on national interests has massively shaken trust in global cooperation. Every nation is neighbor to itself. The fear of another pandemic makes every local spread of a virus, no matter how small, the trigger for drastic measures Border closings to the battle for toilet paper and medical equipment. To the international cooperation hardly anyone believes anymore. So the world is nervously wavering into the future.