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Salary in the media industry

Finally finished with your studies and get started in the professional world. Finally earn your own salary and turn your back on the student budget. But how much do you actually earn in the media industry? We'll tell you!

As a student, you often don't have a lot of money left - in the best case scenario that changes after your studies, when you start your professional life. Of course, the salary shouldn't be the deciding factor in your choice of study, but we also know that the salary aspect plays a major role in many study decisions.

First of all: It is really difficult (and can also create misleading ideas) to provide specific information for an entire industry. On average, after completing your media studies, you can expect a starting salary of around 2,000 to 2,500 euros gross per month, possibly even more with a media master's. If you are self-employed or work as a freelancer, these numbers can of course be very different. Your own résumé and many other factors also play a role, more on that below.

Starting salary in the media sector

Again, because it is so important: the salary naturally depends on many factors and especially in the media industry, which offers so many different fields of activity, there are big differences in the earning potential. So it is very difficult to make specific and, above all, general statements. If you come across specific salary information during your research, you should therefore always treat it with caution - including our numbers. Use the information as a guide for your own salary negotiations, but don't take it for granted. Often there is no or only rudimentary information on the training path, professional experience or, for example, the size of the company. The salary depends on this, among other things, so you should definitely question the information and compare it if necessary.

But now to the media industry: As I said, the professional fields within the media landscape are very diverse and some are usually better paid than others. As a rule, you earn more in technical media jobs than in the creative field. One often hears about unsafe working conditions, because the There is great competition within the media industry and the order situation can therefore vary considerably. Again, it depends on where you work. If you are employed as a freelancer for film, radio or a newspaper, for example, you will certainly notice the competitive situation more than a permanent communications manager in an industrial company.

Salary profiles for various media professions

Because there are so many different directions within the industry, we've done even more research for you: You can find salary examples for specific job profiles in our detailed course descriptions under the "Career and Salary" tab.

On the other hand, we have created a salary profile for some typical media professions. There you can find more information:

Factors Affecting Salary

If you're not paid according to the tariff, salaries can be quite different even in the same position. This is due to various factors that can affect your salary. In the following, we will briefly explain which factors these are.

  • Company size

    Do you work in a small three-person design office or at an international production company? This can make a big difference in terms of salaries, because large companies often have higher salaries. The emphasis is on “can”, because there is of course the reverse case, that your work in a small company is better rewarded.

  • position

    Almost needless to say, because of course your salary depends above all on your position. As a temporary worker, you will surely earn less than a member of the board of directors. Do you have personnel responsibility? Do you work in middle or upper management? This of course has a positive effect on your salary and you will earn more.

  • Location

    The location can also contribute to your media salary. Statistically speaking, for example, you earn more in the south of Germany than in the east.

  • work experience

    Also clear: With twenty years of professional experience you will be able to demand more for your work than a career starter who has just graduated from university and has "only" had internships to date.

  • Workspace

    We are referring here to the entire media sector, but as I said, it is very broad: technology, design, science, journalism, etc. There are differences between these sub-areas - as in almost every industry. Not only in the media, but also in general, technical jobs are usually paid better than creative jobs, for example. So if the salary plays a very important role for you, you definitely have better chances of getting a good salary with media technology than with media studies.

  • graduation

    Completed vocational training, Bachelor or Master - that too usually makes a difference in your salary. The higher the degree, the better the salary.

  • Bonus payment

    Does not apply to all areas in the media sector, but especially in management you may have certain target agreements. If you meet this, you will receive a bonus payment that you should not underestimate.

  • personal qualities

    Also not to be underestimated are your personal characteristics, which are used in salary negotiations. Because if you are convinced of yourself and can sell yourself and your skills well, you have a good chance of a higher salary.

Concrete salary examples for media professions

Let's get to the exciting part: the concrete examples. We have researched the Internet for you and compiled some salary figures from different media professions.

positionBranchAge & GenderMonthly salary (gross)
Game ArtistAdvertising and PR25, female1,901 euros
Game programmerMedia, press30, male3,613 euros
Graphic designereducational institutions28, female1,684 euros
Media designMedia, press24, male2,948 euros
Communication designereducational institutions29, female3,320 euros
Graphic designerAdvertising and PR30, female2,129 euros
Communication managerEngineering office39, male3,418 euros
Communication managerInternet and mail order business33, female3,669 euros
Media manager Media, press48, female3,646 euros
Junior media manager Media, press26, female3,645 euros
PR consultantMedia, press40, female3,733 euros
PR managerPublic administration, authority28, male2,733 euros
Media productionEnergy, water, environment, disposal53, female4,379 euros
Head of Media Production PublishingMedia, press45, female4,394 euros
Media technician Media, press37, male4,197 euros
Media technician Electrical engineering26, male2,929 euros
Digital media managerMedia, press32, male3,912 euros
Production assistantMedia, press27, male2,387 euros
Video editorMedia, press24, female2,871 euros
journalistMedia, press41, male2,903 euros
journalistMedia, press30, female2,539 euros
Junior Social Media ManagerMedia, press25, female2,513 euros
Media IT specialistIT system houses36, male3,484 euros
Social science researchEducational institution42, male4,060 euros

Source: Salary.de

Use these numbers only as a guide for your own applications.

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