Does Donald Trump have a cult

Senior US Republican Cheney warns of "Trump personality cult"

Washington - In the power struggle among the Republicans, one of the party's leading MPs in the US House of Representatives has urged ex-President Donald Trump to turn away. In a guest post published on Wednesday (local time) for the Washington Post, Liz Cheney appealed to her party colleagues to stand up for genuine conservative values ​​and to turn away "from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump personality cult".

As Chair of the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives, Cheney is the third highest MP in her group. Trump calls for her to be removed from this leadership position.

Allegations against Trump

Cheney again criticized Trump's persistent claims that he was fraudulently deprived of his election victory last November. "His message: I am still the rightful President, and President (Joe) Biden is illegitimate. Trump is now repeating these words with full knowledge that it was precisely this type of language that provoked violence on January 6th."

At that time, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, where the MPs and senators wanted to make Biden's victory official. Cheney accused Trump of wanting to "undermine confidence in election results and the rule of law". "No other American president has ever done this."

Party at the turning point

Cheney continued, "The Republican Party is at a turning point." The party faces the decision to join Trump's "crusade" against the legitimate election result or to vote for truth and loyalty to the constitution. On Wednesday, Trump expressed his full support for the internal party competitor for Cheney's post, Elise Stefanik. In a post on his blog he wrote: "Liz Cheney is a warmongering fool who has no place in the Republican party leadership." US media report that Cheney could be elected from the leadership position by her party colleagues in the coming week.

Cheney was one of ten of 211 Republican MPs in the US House of Representatives who voted in January to initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump for "inciting riot" after the Capitol was attacked. The majority in the Senate necessary to convict Trump did not come about at the time. (APA, 6.5.2021)