Did Meghan Markle modernize the British monarchy

Prince Harry: didn't he help Meghan Markle in the palace?

Duchess Meghan claims she didn't get enough support from the Royal Family. Book author and aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell is of the opinion that Harry is partly to blame for the unsuccessful integration of his wife into the British monarchy.

There is enough evidence that Meghan Markle, 38, is not predestined for the role of a British duchess. She grew up neither in the royal family, in the elite circles of British high society nor in England at all - but as the child of a Hollywood lighting director and an employee in the USA. Former friends and critics describe her as self-confident, ambitious, political, manipulative and ruthless. Meghan fights her way through and makes it to television: She played in the lawyer series "Suits" for seven years and befriends the crème de la crème of society in Canada, where the filming takes place. In the bourgeois world, there is only one person who determines Meghan's life: herself.

For the Royal Family, Meghan is probably the biggest challenge since Lady Diana Spencer. It is her unwillingness to accept the rules of the monarchy and Prince Harry's inability to tame Meghan, which led to Megxit in January 2020. At least that's what Lady Colin Campbell claims in her book "Meghan and Harry: The Real Story".

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan planned to reform the Royal Family

Meghan and Harry met on a blind date in early July 2016, arranged by a mutual friend. "I was wonderfully surprised when I went into this room and saw her. I thought I had to really make an effort," Harry recalled in the engagement interview with the BBC of the moment he saw Meghan for the first time. After that, everything goes very quickly. Already after their third date, the two decided to spend their future together and change the world, reports talent manager and ex-Meghan confidante Gina Nelthorpe-Cown. For the latter, Harry and Meghan seem to have the best prerequisites: Who would let their voice echo louder in the world than one of the most powerful and respected institutions in the world - the British monarchy? The press and the people celebrate Meghan as a breath of fresh air in the palace. But it quickly turns into a hurricane - one Hurricane Meghan, as the newspaper "The Sun" put it months later.

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After the wedding in May 2018, Harry and Meghan withdrew more and more into their own world, "without thinking about or worrying about how their actions affect their employees," writes Lady Campbell in her book. Meghan bombarded employees with text messages at 5 a.m., behaved increasingly rude and demanding and even snubbed Queen Elizabeth, 94, during an appearance. High-ranking members of the royal family are said to have increasingly restrained and the staff to have reacted increasingly indignant to Meghan - and Harry too. The result: dissatisfaction, misunderstandings, disappointment."They [Harry and Meghan] came to the conclusion that everyone in the royal family, with the exception of the Queen, was 'jealous' of her. Her popularity, her star quality, her unique talents, which if properly exploited who could change the monarchy and the world for the better "writes Campbell. With their declaration of resignation as Senior Royals in January 2020, they publicly confirm that Harry and Meghan are planning big things with the monarchy and want to break traditional structures.

"After many months of reflection and internal discussions, this year we have decided to make a transition to work out a progressive new role within this institution," Harry and Meghan write on their Instagram account and refer to the fact that they want to continue working for Queen Elizabeth under financial independence. This approach is too much of a step forward for the palace: it ends the collaboration with the couple. The tradition, which the Sussexes want to modernize with all their might, brought them down.

But it didn't have to come to that.

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Harry did not help Duchess Meghan in the palace

"In royal and aristocratic circles, as in any other establishment, newcomers are expected to respect the values ​​and traditions of the world they join. That is whether the institution is a firm or a law firm , a television series or something else. Newcomers are not expected to make fundamental lifestyle changes until they have had time to settle in and see what suits them, " writes Lady Campbell in her book. As an aristocrat, she knows what she is talking about. But not only Meghan accuses of having disregarded the structures in the palace, but also Harry.

"He should have understood that reforms cannot be sudden or dramatic and certainly not as frequent or 'effective' as he and Meghan both wished for," judges Lady Campbell. She adds:"The clash of cultures could have been avoided with more prudence. But the fact is that Harry didn't help lead Meghan's path past the obstacles. He just wasn't smart enough to see the deep hole Meghan stepped into. "

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The royal is blind with love

But why doesn't Harry, who was born into the Palast system and whose rules of the game he has known for over 30 years, slow Meghan in her unwanted actionism? Why doesn't he mediate between his wife and the royal establishment? Why does he let Meghan claim in court that the palace "forbade her to defend herself" - even though he knows that his family has had a strict communication policy for decades and regularly gives "no comment" in response to negative headlines?

According to a friend from Meghan's childhood who wants to remain anonymous to Lady Campbell, Meghan is extremely seductive when it comes to winning people over."It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman. If Meg wants to suck you into her orbit, she pulls out all the stops." The tactic is said to work with Prince Harry - so much so that he is classified as "mentally confused" by the palace staff due to his unconditional devotion to his wife. In short: Harry is supposed to be blind with love.

According to Lady Campbell, some people are of the opinion that Harry is ready to sacrifice everything and everyone for Meghan's love and respect - in the end even himself. Friends therefore worry about the Royal. It is hoped that he will not be hurt if something goes wrong with Meghan Markle - but this has become an "increasingly likely scenario", according to a confidante of the prince.

Didn't Meghan Markle want to live in England at all?

Some of Meghan's old friends believe: Meghan never intended to make the transition from the US to the UK. She is an "archetypal business woman" who wants to take the unique opportunity to take over the lucrative "Prince Harry Company". Meghan would also have taken into account the failure of this alleged plan - and had a solution ready in case of an emergency."If Britain did not adjust to her, she would take her time to complain about how unappreciated she was and return to the US with or without her husband with the added benefit of royal status," Campbell claims, parallels to reality cannot be denied, if one thinks, for example, of Meghan's much-noticed interview in October 2019 in South Africa.

In the end, only Meghan herself knows whether it was her intention not to integrate into the royal family from the start or she underestimated the power of the palace. The fact is: You and Harry must now change the world without the help of the monarchy.

Source used: "Meghan and Harry: The Real Story" by Lady Colin Campbell was published on June 25, 2020 by "Dynasty Press" as an e-book - so far only in English. The hardcover book will be released on July 28th.