What celebrities are moving to Canada now

Emigration to Canada: Escape from Trump? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. These stars stayed

“I'm going to leave the country. I couldn't live under such a government. ”Every time a new US president is elected, there are these announcements, especially among the stars and starlets of Hollywood. This has always been the case with Clinton, Bush, Obama - and of course Donald Trump as well. These threats will continue to exist in the future. And who has really gone until today? None.

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder announced in 2000 that he would leave the USA if George W. Bush wins. Bush became president twice, Vedder stayed. Actor Stephen Baldwin, a die-hard Republican, pledged, like many of his fellow party members, to turn his back on the country if Barack Obama defeated John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. Baldwin stayed just like his conservative colleagues - even for the second term of the first black US president.

Tina Fey also announced a trip “far, far away” if Sarah Palin should become Vice President. "I'm leaving the earth," announce the comedian. To her relief, Obama won the elections, Joe Biden was his deputy, and Fey celebrated success as a Sarah Palin actress.

And those are the excuses the stars make to Trump

A veritable wave of emigration from Americans and their Hollywood celebs seemed to be heralded shortly before the presidential elections in 2016. Several dozen stars threatened to leave the country for Canada if Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. At that point, no one expected the outsider to win.

“I know a lot of people who threaten it. I will definitely do it, "said Lena Dunham from the television series" Girls "in a panel discussion in New York in 2016 about the possibility of Trump becoming president. "Vancouver is beautiful and I can work very well from there."

The day after the unexpected outcome of the election, however, Dunham had already changed her mind and preferred the United States as his place of residence. "It's easy to joke about wanting to move to Canada," she wrote to her 2.8 million Instagram followers at the time. “But it's harder to love and fear a country surrounded by injustice. But I will try it."

But these people were really serious

A total of 7,745 Americans apparently could not imagine life under a Trump administration. They filed an application with Immigration Services in Ottawa in the 2016 election year allowing them to move their permanent residence to Canada. The applications were not only 13 percent higher than in the previous year. The rush after Trump's victory was so great that the website of the immigration office collapsed in the meantime.

Even in the first eleven months of the Trump administration, this interest of US citizens in Canada remained consistently high - 7,446 applied for permanent residence in one of the 13 provinces and territories. More US students in Canada also enrolled in the country's universities. Their number increased by 29 percent to 3,057 in 2017 compared to the previous year. The biggest increase, however, was among asylum seekers, who apparently fled north out of fear of Trump's new immigration policy. The police arrested 18,615 illegal immigrants on the border with the United States, a year earlier the figure was significantly fewer with 2,464 people.

On the other hand, among Hollywood celebrities, the urge to emigrate to Canada and other countries flattened very quickly. Chelsea Handler, who announced shortly before the elections that "just in case they have already bought a house in another country", does not appear to have moved into the new property to this day. Even a year after Trump was sworn in, the entertainer lives in the USA and not in Canada or Spain, where she actually wanted to go.