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Translation of "love, loyalty, respect" in German

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Well, I went up to Lily's floor, and I had this little speech in my head - everything I've been wanting to say to her all summer about love, loyalty, respect.
Well, I wanted to go up to Lily's floor. and I had that voice in my head ... all I wanted to tell her all summer Love, respect.

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It is then necessary to education for love for truth, loyalty, respect for each person, the sense of justice, faithfulness to the word, to true compassion, consistency and, in particular the balance of judgment and behavior.
It is then necessary to have training for that love to the truth, Loyalty, respect for any person who has a sense of justice, faithfulness to the word, true compassion, consistency and most importantly the balance between judgment and behavior.
Such a close relationship between student and teacher requires love, respect other loyalty.
This sentence is like a marriage vow, by which the Church has bound herself to the people of today and has promised love, respect other loyalty to them.
This sentence is like a marriage vow by which the church is bound to the people of today and to him Love, homage and loyalty has promised.
If your partner is un-doughtily loves other respects you (as most horses regard their owner) then loyalty is a given ..
When your partner unconditionally loves and respected (as is usually the case with horses towards their owner), then heard loyalty to..
But then Thomas' brother Friedrich, whose wife and child just left him, unexpectedly shows up. Shortly thereafter, young Augustine arrives for a visit, and the couple finds first their love other loyalty and finally their respect tested to the limit.
When the young Augustine comes to visit shortly afterwards, a time begins for the couple in which only hers love and loyalty - finally you respect to be explored to the limit.
Emotions are more intense and purer in higher densities, and only those that can be called positive exist, like love, joy, respect, admiration, compassion-emotions that provoke generosity, honesty, helpfulness, forgiveness, loyalty, cooperation.
The feelings are more intense and pure in higher densities, and only those exist that can be called positive, like love, Joy, Danger, Admiration, compassion - feelings, generosity, honesty, helpfulness, forgiveness, loyalty and evoke cooperation.
With this dish, the Thai want to show their desire for love, their loyalty and their respect for their parents. The u Thi Sieng is a resident of Nghia Lo township: The sticky rice has five colors: red, purple, yellow, green, and white.
With this special sticky rice, the local residents wanted theirs love and your `s respect for the parents, says Dieu Thi Sieng in the Nghia Lo community: The sticky rice consists of five colors: red, purple, yellow, green and white.
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