What is HDTC

What is HDTV?

The abbreviation stands for "High Definition Television", meaning high-definition television and video. This is a completely new quality class, the greatest advance since color television was introduced in 1954. Strictly speaking, HDTV even brings 3 fascinating innovations:

  1. Up to five times as much image information results in a dramatic gain in image sharpness, level of detail, plasticity and color fidelity
  2. All programs in the modern widescreen format, which suits the natural way of seeing and brings cinema films to their advantage
  3. Surround sound in high digital quality, possible with sports programs as well as music programs or films

All of this combined results in a captivating experience that has never been known before.

First of all: the larger the screen or the projection screen, the clearer the difference to conventional television becomes. For HDTV you need a screen that is able to display the high resolution. This is the case with most computer displays, but almost no television set with a classic picture tube. Most likely, LCD or plasma displays come into consideration, as well as video projectors ("beamer") and rear projection devices. The most important assessment variable is the number of lines that can be displayed horizontally. An HDTV-compatible device must be able to display at least 720 lines in widescreen mode.

On this website you can find information about everything that has to do with HDTV. Since this new age is just beginning, the pages are still under construction. However, they are supplemented every day and always brought up to date.

TV, video and self-recordings from HD camcorders. More and more TV stations broadcast partly or even exclusively in HDTV, there are films on discs and a selection of HD camcorders is already available.

The HDTV Forum Switzerland sells nothing. So you have the guarantee that nothing will be done to you here. There is only information, but it is as complete, honest and up-to-date as possible.

You will find detailed information on the various topics related to high definition in the extensive information on offer on these pages, we answer a lot of questions here.