What are some good train talk topics

Which topics of conversation are suitable for a date?

The premise for impressive topics of conversation lies in successful communication - not just when you get to know each other, but in many situations in life. But especially in the getting to know each other, the question of suitable topics for discussion arises. Which questions are interesting? What does your date want to talk about? Which topics should you not address? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you should be curious now.


6 topics to talk about on the first date

Are you about to go on your first date and are you nervous? In your head you have probably already run through various scenarios of how the first meeting could go. Of course you ask yourself the question which topics of conversation are popular and which are not?Good small talk is difficult for many people. You only know your counterpart very sporadically and are therefore unsure about possible topics of conversation. That's perfectly fine too, because there are some Topics with which can You are not doing anything wrong, nor is there a panic of awkward silence.

1. Relaxed small talk to get started

Find a relaxed start with small talk. It couldn't be more authentic and in the meantime you can think about which topic you want to focus on next. Remember, you want to get to know your date. Actively listen and show genuine interest.

Top 5 questions for a relaxed start to the date

  • Did you find your way here?
  • How was your day so far?
  • What did you do today?
  • Nice to see you, how are you?
  • What do you want to do?

2. Free time

After you have found an easy way to get started, it is a good idea to talk about leisure activities. Maybe the small talk turned into a little one Indication of some activitiesthat your date does in their spare time. If not, you can charmingly steer the conversation towards it.

  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • How do you like to organize your weekend?

If you'd like to be more precise, you can too more specific questions put.

  • What kind of books do you like to read?
  • Which sports are you interested in and which are you actively involved in?
  • Do you like going to the cinema ?

3. Travel

Another interesting topic is travel. Each of us needs time out, regardless of whether it's an hour's drive to the Baltic Sea or the 12-hour flight to Los Angeles. We have different ideas and preferences about traveling concerns. Ideal to find out what exactly your date is really interested in and what is out of the question.

  • Which countries have you already been to?
  • Where have you enjoyed it best so far?
  • And what's your next goal?
  • What kind of travel do you like? (Backpacking, relaxing vacation, active vacation, city trips, etc.)
  • What would you like to try out at some point?

4. Profession

This topic will 100% come up if you haven't already tapped it off as you write. Be that as it may, the topic of conversation is always very welcome because it brings security. After all, you deal with it every day. TheInterest in the job is also one of the mainproperties, that women and men want in a relationship.

  • What is your job?
  • What are your daily tasks?
  • Are you happy with your job?
  • What do you like most about your job?
  • Would you like to change something?

5. Goals and dreams

Don't we all have our dreams to strive for? A great moment to let your mind wander and over Wishes, dreams and goals to speak. Don't be too rigid, just ask freely.

  • What is your biggest dream?
  • What are your goals for the next 3 years?
  • Is there something that you really want to achieve?

6. Role models

Whether parents, celebrities or politicians. Each of us has a role model in which we share certain points of view and characteristics 100% and almost meticulously try to achieve the same. A nice topic to talk about not just that role modelsget to knowbut also around Points of view Your counterpart too Experienced. Role models are also an ideal introduction to in-depth discussions.

  • Who is your greatest role model?
  • Why is he or she your greatest role model?
  • Are there any other role models that inspire you?

Which topics of conversation do women particularly like?

  • Everything to do with fashion and styling
  • Entertainment - current movies and series
  • Philosophize about life
  • Hobbies and free time
  • More serious issues that call for your personal opinion
  • to eat and drink
  • Friendships, relationships with family

Which topics of conversation are popular with men?

  • Exercise is a hot topic for most men
  • Embarrassing, brave, high-pitched, funny, or life changing experiences
  • Hobbies and free time
  • Cars and technology
  • Funny stories from the past, e.g. school, university, training
  • Friendships, relationships with family

What can you do if the topics of conversation run out?

The whole question and answer game can be a bit exhausting in the course of a meeting. The thought of always having a question ready in combination with nervousness and uncertainty can quickly become too much. But try relaxed To stay, because if you run out of topics to talk about, that's absolutely not a problem.

A little Silence and a break to take a breather bring you down a bit with the excitement. This also gives you the opportunity to take a short break and briefly process the whole conversation. And it's really nice not to talk in between, but maybe to walk hand in hand through the park and the Moment to enjoy yourself.

If, despite this, you feel the urge to continue the conversation, take a deep breath and ask a more specific question about topics that you have already discussed. Ask again about things that you may not have understood very well or that are of particular interest to you about the person you are talking to.

"I know we already talked about it, but explain to me again exactly what you do at work all day"

5 topics you should rather avoid

As much as you can ask, there are still some topics that may not speak for you when you bring them up and ask questions. A brief summary of the most important topics that you should rather keep your hands off of:

  • The ex-partner is definitely taboo.
  • You should also avoid anything related to sex for the time being.
  • The subject of money is very sensitive, it should definitely not be addressed.
  • Family problems
  • Embarrassing stories that you don't necessarily put in a positive light.

Checklist with the most important dos and don'ts

  • Small talk for a casual introduction to general topics.
  • Deeper conversations for topics where you notice your counterpart flourishes.
  • Consider and allude to topics of interest for men and women.
  • Stay away from taboo topics: The ex stays in the past and you avoid current problems and embarrassments.
  • Think about balance - it should be one balance between questions and answers be between you.