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The basic security includes all benefits that are also paid under social assistance law. However, unlike with social assistance, the income of your children or parents will only be used if it is higher than 100,000 euros per year.

We will inform you here about the conditions under which you are entitled to basic social security.

Requirements for basic income support

Who can get basic security?

You can receive basic security in old age and with full disability as a needy person if you have either reached the regular retirement age - that is the point in time at which you can draw the regular old-age pension - or if you are permanently fully disabled and at least 18 years old.

You must also live in Germany.

As a simple rule of thumb, if your total income is less than 865 euros, you should have them checked whether you are entitled to basic security.

Basic security with full disability

On behalf of the social welfare agency, we check whether you are permanently and fully incapacitated. It is not necessary that you are already receiving a disability pension.

If you are already receiving a pension due to reduced earning capacity, you are only entitled to basic security if the existing pension is paid permanently due to a full reduced earning capacity.

Otherwise, you can be entitled to other social benefits, such as social assistance.

Further information on disability pension

What is the basic security for?

What the basic security should cover:

  • Your necessary livelihood,
  • Expenses for accommodation and heating,
  • Health and long-term care insurance contributions,
  • Pension contributions,
  • Additional needs for certain groups of people and
  • Help in special cases

How is the basic security calculated?

How much basic security you get depends on your income and assets. The income of your spouse or partner in a marriage-like or civil partnership-like community is also taken into account.

What counts in income - and what doesn’t?

The income includes:

  • Earned income
  • Pensions of all kinds from home and abroad, including the Riester pension, if it is paid (since 2018, an amount of 100 euros, for example, the Riester pension remains free. In addition, another 30 percent remain free up to a maximum amount)
  • Maintenance payments from parents or children, even if their annual income is less than 100,000 euros
  • Parental allowance over 300 euros
  • Rental and lease income
  • Child benefit
  • Sick pay
  • interest

The income does not include:

  • 30 percent of income from self-employed / non-self-employed work, a maximum of 50 percent of standard requirement level 1
  • Basic pension according to the Federal Pension Act
  • Maintenance claims against parents or children if their annual income is less than 100,000 euros
  • Parental allowance up to 300 euros
  • Up to 250 euros from certain tax-free activities (e.g. volunteering)
  • Care allowance
  • Benefits from additional retirement provision on a voluntary basis (up to a maximum amount), this also includes the pension from voluntary contributions
  • Currently, a maximum of 223 euros of the gross pension if 33 years of basic pension periods have been met.

What is wealth - and what is not?

You must first use up your existing assets before you can claim the basic security. We explain to you what belongs and what doesn’t.

Assets include:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Savings
  • House and real estate
  • Car

The assets do not include:

  • Smaller cash amounts (savings of 5,000 euros for single persons; for married couples or partners 10,000 euros)
  • Family or heirlooms if their ideal value (souvenir) far exceeds the sales value
  • Adequate household items
  • Adequate building plot that you use yourself or an apartment
  • Funded retirement assets of a Riester pension. So you are not obliged to dissolve your saved Riester pension - if the Riester pension is paid out, it is partly taken into account as income (see above)

Further information with specific examples can be found in our brochure
Basic security: Help for pensioners (PDF, 365KB, file is barrier-free / low-barrier)

We answer your questions!

Do I have to apply for basic security?

Yes. The basic security is an independent social benefit. It must be requested. The application date is important for the start of the basic security.

Where do I submit the application?

You submit the application to the social welfare office, area of ​​basic security. You can also submit it to us, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, and we will forward it to you.

When does the basic security start?

The basic security always begins on the first day of the month in which the application is submitted.

How long do I get basic security?

Payment is generally made for twelve months. After that you have to submit a new application. The service cannot be performed retrospectively. If you stay abroad for more than four weeks without interruption, the benefit will be discontinued.

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