How does TinkerCAD simplify 3D printing


For 3D modeling with the help of free software there is actually only one correct answer: Blender! The new version 2.81a also offers a completely revised, brand new user interface that greatly simplifies operation.

Nevertheless, in the classroom we often need tools with a learning curve that is more student-friendly - this is where TinkerCAD comes into play.

In order to be able to use TinkerCad, you as a teacher have to create a one-time account.

Thanks to a new feature, the "classes", students can work without registration, which is very interesting for data protection reasons and also avoids the complicated registration process for entire school classes.

All you need for the "login" is a "class code", as we already know from Kahoot and other Internet services.

TinkeCAD not only offers an incredibly simple graphical interface for three-dimensional design, which can also be used in the lower grades without any problems, but has also integrated exercise lessons so that you can learn them quickly and independently.

The modeling of circuits is just as possible as the programmatic creation of three-dimensional objects.

Last but not least, the objects can of course be exported as .stl files and prepared for 3D printing with the slicer of your choice!