Is there anything interesting about American culture

Typical American lifestyle and culture in the USA

America, the "land of opportunity"! The art, culture, lifestyle, mentality - simply the total package America - make the country so popular. And so it is not surprising that thousands of people choose the country as a travel destination or as a destination for “work and travel” every year.

The diversity of America

Hardly any other country connects like this many different cultures with each other. Many nationalities live in the almost 50 states of the USA: Immigrants from Germany, France and many other countries and Indians in their reservations are for the exotic and definitely interesting mix of American cultures. High and low pressure areas, the enormous extent and diversity of the landscape are responsible for the different climates. If vacationers and residents in Hawaii enjoy a constant tropical climate, it is more Mediterranean in California. Mild winters, warm and dry summers make this state a popular place to live and travel. And last but not least: Hollywood - the center of American film history, springboard for stars and starlets. All of this stands for America, all of these make America what it is.

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What makes America and its people so special?

In contrast to us Germans, Americans are looser, more cheerful - just a little cooler. The human respect each other, Resentment and envy are rare. Americans strive for one certain prosperity, earthly happiness and love life. The focus is on the family and the common celebrations, not just with family, but with friends, acquaintances and the neighborhood. Hospitality and family gathering are very important in America. Festivals such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and Independence Day are really "celebrated" with the family. And this lifestyle is what makes the "American Way of Life" matters.

American think positively - With the motto “think positive” these people follow their own path, both privately and professionally. But there is something else that makes America and its people so special. You can do it as a "Typically american" describe.

>> Rules of etiquette & manners for the USA

What is "Typically American"?

America is, so to speak, the country of Fast food chain and des BBQ. And this is also as typical of America as Cowboys and Country music, cool cars and the many Diners. Americans identify with these things and take it for granted. The fact that there are already burgers for breakfast is probably not entirely incomprehensible. During the lunch break, many Americans have hot dogs, burgers, pizza or they spend the break in a diner.

Team sport

The Americans are also very enthusiastic about sports. Sport holds a high place in American society - as Active or spectator. Those who want to relax and unwind can go hiking, hunting, fishing or boating. For Americans are Fairness, team spirit and discipline very important, what is impressively shown in the sports basketball, baseball, ice hockey, football and lacrosse. American football, for example, is a sport with a long tradition. Heard at colleges and universities in America Football to school sports. The number of college teams is gigantic: there are over 600 teams in America. The German Dirk Nowitzki is one of the athletes who made history in American basketball and made this sport legendary in Germany. But even in ice hockey, also a popular American sport, some Germans have made it into the NHL. Names like Marcel Goc, Leon Draisaitl, Dennis Seidenberg and Christian Ehrhoff make ice hockey history in the National Hockey League.

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The BBQ is already an art form used in America by the Residents are really celebrated. Anyone who says during a BBQ that this equates to grilling in Germany has to expect bad looks from the other person. While grilling meat, fish, vegetables and sausages using direct heat, usually with wood, charcoal or gas, is when BBQ asked some patience. At temperatures around 120 degrees it takes a lot longer before you can enjoy. But the result is unique, delicious and a taste explosion with a subtle smoke aroma.


After school or after work, you can meet up with friends in one of the many diners. Originally, that is, the diners were in the 50s mobile takeaways, today you can as full-fledged restaurants are called. Burgers, steaks, pasta dishes and the milkshakes also known for America round off the menu. So it is not particularly surprising that many families after Sunday outing to have your meal in a diner.

Cowboys and Country Music

Far away from the metropolises you can really still meet real cowboys. Well, not quite as real, because they swapped the horses for off-road vehicles, but the cowboy hat and boots have stayed. In the evenings, around the campfire, the real cowboys listen to good old country music. And if you can, dance the world famous one Square dance.

Route 66

Route 66 - THE freeway that is world famous. Anyone visiting America must have seen Route 66. Over a distance of just under The eight-lane freeway connected the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles for 4,000 kilometers together. Today are only Fractions of the road available, Finding these sections often takes longer than actually driving this historic road.

You want to go over part of the Driving Route 66? Best of all that too Explore America's West Coast? Then we have the perfect route for you here: along the west coast of America

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Funny laws

America could be described as the land of many laws. If you look at the specifications, some of which still result from the old days, you can't help but smile. Without context, without any meaning, sometimes far removed from all reality - strange laws are quintessentially American. In Lee County, Alabama, peanuts cannot be sold after sunset, but only on Wednesdays! In Denver, Colorado, it is forbidden to lend a neighbor a vacuum cleaner. Giraffes are not allowed to be tied to telephone poles or lanterns in Atlanta, Georgia. And also for vacationers in Ocean City, Maryland, nothing is allowed to be eaten while swimming in the sea.
And there are a lot more fun laws like this.

This is it, the culture and the American lifestyle - riddled with opposites. And maybe that's exactly what makes “the American way of life” so special. You just have to experience it, the festivals, the hospitality of the Americans and life itself.

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Testimonials from the USA

Some former America travelers have written down their experiences with the American way of life and their stay in the USA. Read ‘what impressions and knowledge you have gathered.

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