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KitzSki - what makes skiing around Kitzbühel so special

Kitzbühel in Tyrol is one of the fashionable ski resorts in Austria and one of the most well-known addresses for sports fans in the Alps. While slopes and après-ski are enjoyed in the winter months, hikers and tennis fans pay a visit to the region in the warm season. Located in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps, the KitzSki ski area is one of the leading addresses in the Alpine region. But what exactly is the attraction of this area, which, in addition to its sophisticated note and exquisite flair, offers a multitude of extraordinary facets? A closer look at the Kitzbühel region and the KitzSki area quickly awakens the desire to travel regardless of the season and experience on skis or snowboards.


The KitzSki in facts and figures

84 slopes of all categories extend across the Kitzbühel Alps, between the main towns of Kitzbühel and Kirchberg. Nearly 60 systems of gondolas and lifts are available throughout the winter months and invite you to go on exciting trips and trips even without sports equipment. Thanks to its convenient location, KitzSki is regularly one of the ski areas without glaciers, which open their gates and lifts extremely early in the season. In the 2016/17 season, ski enthusiasts were able to get started on October 22nd, even though artificial snow-making was still necessary in many places.

The ski area offers a number of highlights among dozens of slopes, the most famous descent is the Streif. Endurance riders experience that on the KitzSki Extended longest descent with a length of 8.3 kilometersthat bridges a difference of more than 1,000 meters. When descending, the four individual slopes 16a, 16, 26 and 25 are linked with one another. And the ascent to the longest stretch in the KitzSki is now much faster with the Maierlbahn. As a 10-person single cable car, it now takes less than eleven and a half minutes until the Ehrenbachhöhe is climbed and connoisseurs of extended descents can throw themselves on this combined fun on the slopes.


The Streif - myth and greatest attraction of the KitzSki

Even those who are only fundamentally interested in skiing will get the name Streak know. The KitzSki descent is one of the most famous if not the most famous ski slope in the world and an absolute must for all advanced skiers. With the Hahnenkamm cable car up to the eponymous hill in the Kitzbühel Alps, the Streif is basically manageable for every skier above an absolute beginner level. Individual areas of the piste, such as the steep slope or the mousetrap, should be enjoyed with caution due to icing and similar adversities, but do not have to be driven through at full speed in the event of small uncertainties

What makes the Streif so special? Probably its unique combination of various elements that all ski fans enjoy with a challenging and interesting descent. The Streif has an attractive length, has a multitude of challenging and interesting spots and invites you to really step on the gas once more when you hit the target. Curves, bumps, steep slopes - the Streif combines these and other elements and is simple a "complete" race track in a unique alpine panorama. The rush is correspondingly large, not least because various racing events take place in this area over the winter.

By the way: If you want to get safely across the classic slopes in the KitzSki with your partner and children, use the signs for the so-called family stripe. Here you can simply bypass the most difficult passages of the legendary descent and still claim to have experienced the real Streif safely and with great downhill fun.


Other runs that make KitzSki so special


While most ski areas have a parade slope like the Streif, the KitzSki has several highlights of this kind. Almost as well-known is the Brunn, which offers three variants for a varied descent with a view of the Spertental. In addition to the main slope 27, there are variants 27a, 27b and 27c to choose from, the profile of which corresponds exactly to the taste of the most varied of ski enthusiasts.


Located in the core area of ​​the KitzSki on the Hahnenkamm, the Brunn in its current form was not completed until the 2015/16 season. It covers several levels of difficulty from the medium to the highest level, making it an attractive discovery for recreational riders and absolute runners. In the immediate vicinity of the Brunn there are areas for freestyle so that you do not have to strictly adhere to a prescribed slope guide when descending.


The Pengelstein with the number 30 is also an absolute classic that every ski tourist in KitzSki should not miss. With a large slope width, a slow and undisturbed descent is possible in a dreamlike panorama that even beginners on skis will enjoy. As one of the best descents, the special charm only becomes apparent when skis or snowboards are strapped and the descent can be experienced up close. A subsequent descent into the valley via 31 is possible and, together with the free ski buses in the KitzSki, makes it easier to get started with après ski.


What the KitzSki has to offer beyond the slopes


Whether luxury lovers or party guests - the region between Kitzbühel and Kirchberg offers its great charm, especially away from all the piste highlights. As one of the ski areas in which high society spends their winter holidays, an exciting ambience and breathtaking events should not be missing. KitzSki offers a newly developed and trendy program every season, supplemented by traditional classics that have been attracting ski vacationers for years.


If you don't want to start après-ski after a few runs and want to experience something exclusive, you can tour the KitzSki with one of the exciting means of transport. One of the most modern companions is the snow cat as a snowcat that makes its way through snow and ice. The vehicle based on the Canadian model invites you to go on great excursions in the vicinity of the Bichlalm and, of course, lets travelers get down for a hut party or the onward journey on skis and the like.


Hikes that can be booked with or without a guide are becoming increasingly popular in KitzSki. It's not just the older generation who enjoy learning more about the country and its people and walking through the mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps at a moderate pace. If you are out and about as a family in KitzSki and do not want to ski down into the valley, you can opt for the traditional toboggan in various downhill areas.


With around 60 ski huts and alpine pastures throughout the KitzSki, culinary enjoyment is never neglected. Local and international cuisine, some of which is star-rated, meets the illustrious preferences of many winter vacationers and combines refreshment after many kilometers of slopes with real enjoyment. In many places there are attractive offers for families and young people who do not want to miss the charm of the Kitzbühel region. If you want a more romantic stop, enjoy a night gondola ride to the Hochkitzbühel restaurant - optionally with a candlelit dinner, of course.


KitzSki - a delightful travel destination in all seasons


As a traditional ski area, KitzSki's roots go back to 1929. Even if ski tourism in its sophisticated form has only developed in the last few decades, Hahnenkamm & Co. have been popular excursion mountains for several generations. So even in summer it is worth touring the KitzSki and plunging into the mountains with or without gondola and lift rides. Bikers get their money's worth here, with the KitzSki offering special mountain bike rails in various degrees of difficulty for years. For pure hiking enthusiasts, there are paths up to over 2,000 meters in altitude to choose from, with the holiday and ski area having a wide range of maps and information as information boards with up-to-date QR codes in the landscape.


In general, the KitzSki is following its reputation as one of the most popular ski areas worldwide in order to expand the service in addition to real innovations. For hikers, ski enthusiasts and connoisseurs, comprehensive information is available online and on site, which makes travel planning easier and provides comprehensive orientation before arrival. As a highlight not to be forgotten is the KitzWebTV, in which current reports are regularly updated online about news and highlights. At the latest when looking at these elaborate reports, it is easy to think about a holiday in the KitzSki and the Kitzbühel Alps and succumb to a unique charm. A charm that is nourished by the great tradition of the Streif and wants to become an absolute travel highlight for everyone through upscale and modern tourism.



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