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DAK-Gesundheit spends more than 22 billion euros a year on the health of its policyholders. That is 60 million euros per day for visits to the doctor, medication, aids from hearing aids to walkers and offers to stay healthy such as nutritional advice or smoking cessation. The health insurance company goes far beyond legal standards, for example, it offers a special preventive care package for pregnant women and additional health checks for children and adolescents. Among other things, it subsidizes services such as osteopathy and sports medicine examinations and reimburses 90 percent of the cost of travel vaccinations.

A life long

For its policyholders, DAK-Gesundheit is a reliable partner in all questions of health and care. This claim is confirmed by quality controls by TÜV Rheinland and health insurance tests by various magazines. Focus Money chose DAK-Gesundheit as the best health insurance company for families. The cash register also scores extremely well with its range of services, bonus and advantage programs, optional tariffs and digital services.

DAK-Gesundheit is constantly expanding its offering, for example with programs or apps that support patients and relatives in dealing with illnesses. The cash register also offers holistic care concepts for diabetics, the mentally ill or people with heart problems. In fit4future, the DAK prevention initiative for healthy schools launched in 2016 under the patronage of Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, a total of around 600,000 students at 2,000 primary and special schools have so far taken part. From 2020 fit4future will also be extended to daycare centers.

Rehabilitation - now more important than ever

The demographic development in Germany is influencing the health system more and more. Immigration may reduce the aging of society, but it does not stop it. The Federal Statistical Office assumes that the proportion of people of retirement age in the total population will increase from 19 percent in 2013 to 28 percent by 2040. In future, therefore, fewer and on average older people will be employed.

In addition, the increasing life expectancy increases the individual risk of illness. Multimorbidity and chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and cancer diseases, but also obesity are particularly relevant. Society is faced with the challenge of keeping employees healthy and productive for as long as possible. The reintegration of older people with chronic illnesses into work is becoming increasingly important.

Prevention and rehabilitation at DAK-Gesundheit

In its corporate strategy, DAK-Gesundheit takes into account the changed framework conditions in society, with which not only economic growth and prosperity, but also the well-being and life satisfaction of each individual are closely related. DAK insured persons can be treated in a number of high quality specialist clinics that are DAK contractual partners. The DAK service centers on site will be happy to discuss how these and other qualified facilities can be used. There is more information on the services of DAK-Gesundheit in the field of rehab here


Author: DAK Health

Status: 02/01/2020