Video Codecs How does Beamr

Contribution from Sebastian »

Here is the current list of video types that SongBeamer recognizes as video:

'.avi', '.mpg', '.mpeg', '.wmv', '.dvb', '.m2v', '.asf', '.m1v', '.gvi', '.mkv', '.mov', '.mp4', '.dv', '.dif', '.qt', '.mqv', '.m4v'

But you definitely need the right codec for the video types mentioned above so that SongBeamer can play the video.

Many of the file types mentioned above, especially * .avi and * .wmv, are only container files for videos. This means that there may be times when one .avi video will work and another .avi video will not work.

A list of video formats that will work on a particular PC is also problematic.
To put it simply, SongBeamer tries to find a suitable codec in the system when it opens a video. All codecs in the system are tried out until a codec accepts the video. There are certain optimizations to speed up this process.

If your question is what format a video should be in so that it is guaranteed to run, then my recommendation is: MPG-1
But you have to note that a * .mpg video can be both MPG-1 and MPG-2. The MPG-1 codec is supplied with Windows. So as long as this MPG-1 codec is not deleted on a system or replaced by another codec, you can in principle be sure that the video will work.

Greetings, Sebastian