How do I get a positive attitude?

Learning Positive Thinking - 9 Things Positive People Do Every Day

If you landed on this page, then you will positive thinking learn.

You want to be more optimistic.

You want to trust yourself more and see the glass half full.


Because that's exactly I will teach you in this article.

Table of Contents: This is what awaits you in this article

Anyone can learn positive thinking

The best is: It did not fall into the lap of a few lucky ones.

Anyone can learn.

No matter how old you are. It doesn't matter if you're feeling down.

It is possible and the effects are on your life phenomenal.

If you heed the tips in this article, you will soon find yourself noticeable changes in your life to adjust.

The basis for thinking positively

Before you start with the article, I ask you to briefly listen to this audio file.

In it I share you the most important foundation so that the content of this article really works.

What positive thinking brings you

More and more studies prove: Thinking positively is beneficial in all areas of life.

The effects of positive thinking include:

  • learning to think positively brings Vitality and energy.
  • It can improve health.
  • It does more successful.
  • It shapes relationships more harmonious.
  • It helps with that Partner search.
  • It does more confident.
  • It boosts your self-esteem.

What is positive thinking?

Everything that happens to you in life can be viewed from exactly two sides.

You always have the choice:

  • Either you focus on what's bad ...
  • ... or what is good.

Pretty simple, isn't it?

Granted: You can never control everything that happens in your life.

But you can very well control how you think about it.

So also how you yourself feel with it and in the end on it react.

Would you like some examples?

If your car breaks down, you have two options:

  1. You can feel about it to annoy, that you have to invest time and money to get it back on track.
  2. You can feel about it looking forward, riding a bike to work and doing it getting really fit.

When an attractive person rejects you:

  1. ... you can focus on the fact that you are unattractive and will never find a partner.
  2. Or you can be happy because you now know that you are with this person does not go together.

When your TV wears out:

  1. You can talk about your unbelievable bad luck upset because the warranty expired a day.
  2. You can look forward to it, finally again to get more social and meet friends (or meet new ones) instead of going moldy in front of the box every night.

The most important foundation for positive thinking

Here comes the most important part of this article, so Ears pricked up, Notebook taken out:

With all of the above, there is something very important to consider:

You have to first accept that your car is broken.

You also have to see that you got a basket and that the TV probably won't turn on in this life.

Acceptance of what is right now leads to inner freedom.

What is happening on the outside no longer affects you emotionally so strongly and you can use your energy to find a solution or that "Problem" to let go completely.

A simple tip on how you can get everything you want in

We almost always get what we focus on.

Great, now we just have to know what we want and it will come into our lives.

Not by magic.

If we focus our thoughts then then let's bundle our energy.

This is how we catch to act automatically.

If you mainly focus on what you want, you'll get that too sooner or later.

That's why so many people feel bad. Do not know what they want.

They usually only know what they no longer want - which then remains stubborn in their lives. They just don't act differently and that's why they always get exactly the same results.

Most people want:

  • no longer be treated badly.
  • don't be shy anymore.
  • that the partner stops squeezing out the toothpaste tube so annoyingly.

Have you ever thought about it what you really want

So, I mean in detail?


The time has come. Color it in daily. In the most colorful pictures and very big.

Because the thoughts that rush through our brain convolutions most frequently every day ultimately determined:

  • How we feel
  • What we get.
  • Which way we're going.

That is positive thinking in short- to know what you want from life.

When I put this into my life, so much changed it is really still incredible.

9 simple tips to start thinking more positively today

Now I'll tell you 9 simple tricks that you can use to start thinking more positively. They hardly need any additional time and can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

# 1: focus on your chocolate side

Everyone has something that is very special.

You too have very specific talents that are unique. Yet many of us do not sufficiently acknowledge this.

"Yes, that's nothing special."

And whether that's something special.

We assume everything that is good about ourselves as an absolute standard.

Instead, we focus on what is not yet working so well.

"Yes soag omoal" - Does that somehow even remotely make sense?

No don't do it!

Even if you use them as "not worth talking about" and look god-given - these things are absolutely fantastic and deserve a huge applause.

Every day.

"But that's totally selfish and in love with yourself!"

You don't have to tell every guy you walk along that you are the greatest pike in the pond.

For yourself, however, you should immediately focus on the good things about yourself.

"I can't find anything there, there's nothing good about me!"

Yes, there is.

The only reason you may not see this so clearly right now is because over the years you have systematically withdrawn yourself from praising yourself.

"You don't do that."

You do it!

From now on, see yourself in a new light.

Rediscover yourself.

There are absolutely wonderful and unique things about you too.

Your only job is to get your appreciation back.

Practical guide

  1. Take one Pen and a sheet of paper Paper.
  2. take this 15-20 minutes Time.
  3. Write down everything that's great about you.
  4. If you can think of little: Stay tuned. Your subconscious will deliver something to you. Promised.
  5. As a suggestion, you can also ask yourself what others appreciate about you.
  6. Focus on the little things because they count.

# 2: Appreciate what you've accomplished

Many people focus on what they do still have to achieve to feel good

But that can quickly lead to feelings of guilt.

After all, we haven't got there yet.

But always looking ahead blocks the view of that which is already all positive.

We're excited not to have done 3 of 27 items on our to-do list today.

Rather concentrate on being able to tick off 27 points with confidence.

This will increase your self-esteem and your satisfaction.

It also creates better conditions for being able to tick off all 30 points tomorrow.

# 3: practice real appreciation

Objectively speaking, we're doing incredibly well in Germany.

The country is safe and we all have enough to eat. But we humans naturally tend to take these things for granted quickly.

On the one hand, this is important in order to develop further.

On the other hand, it leads to dissatisfaction.

Therefore, consciously focus on things that you already have.

Practical guide

  1. Now look around your surroundings and look for something that you feel as positive.
  2. Focus on how for a while wonderful, beautiful, noble or practical it is.
  3. Rejoice that it's there.
  4. If you do this simple exercise regularly, you will more and more things are noticed who are wonderful.
  5. And that, my friend, feels damn good and puts a grin on your face.
  6. That's what positive thinking is about or?


Jot down 1-2 things in a notebook every evening, for which you are grateful.

Sound banal?

But it is not.

Through this simple ritual you direct your focus on positive things in your life every day.

After a while you install like this an automatism, which automatically makes you think much more positively.

# 4: the game of positives

Choose a person from your environment, that you like to like.

Ask yourself, how so you like that person so much. Answer the question, what do you like about her?

You can play this game in your head.

However, the effect is increased if you also write down the positive aspects.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will notice more and more positive aspects in other people.

There is hardly anything your interpersonal relationships so will strengthen.

# 5: With positive memories for more zest for life

Remind yourself at least once a day of something that made you feel good.

  1. A smile.
  2. Funny situation.
  3. A personal success.

I know, I know.

Many people believe that they have nothing beautiful in their life to remember.

In my experience, however, this is because they not actively looking for it.

Take you now 1-2 minutes Time and look for something that felt good to you.

This is how you align your focus in a targeted manner - nothing more is positive thinking.

You can find out here how you can continue to develop more joie de vivre.

# 6: Visualize yourself in moments of success

Positive thinking people have a clear picture your personal success in your head.

This increases the likelihood of getting a positive result.

Tony Robbins gave a wonderful example of this.

A racing driver always goes where he looks.

If he goes off the track, it is not very smart to focus on the rapidly approaching wall.

So it will collide with the wall.

Instead, he should focus his gaze on where he wants to go - preferably back on the track.

Get used to imagining where you want to go.

Imagine this with all your senses.

  • How does it feel?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you feel
  • What do you taste
  • What do you see?

# 7: Positive thinking people indulge themselves in happiness and success

Positive thinking people support themselves.

You stand up for yourself.

You are to yourself.

They treat themselves to success, they treat themselves to happiness.

Just because.

In their world there is no reasonswhy they didn't deserve something.

In times of defeat, they build themselves up and treat each other well.

Practical guide

  1. To do this, replace negative with positive formulations.
  2. Make a decision, loving and considerate to deal with you.

You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in my article on self-compassion.

# 8: Positive people enjoy small successes

Today I was walking through the street and a friendly looking person smiled at me.

Great, but why didn't more people look at me in a friendly way?

That's not how positive people think.

It is the little things that catch your eye and you are able to to savor them to the full.

Positive people allow themselves to experience tons of happy moments every day.

If we can only look forward to a 6 in the lottery, then we miss a lot of good feelings.

Practical guide

  1. Every evening, write down at least 3 things (big and small) that you did well today.
  2. Feel, feel, taste and see these things as clearly as you can.
  3. Make the pictures big, loud and colorful.
  4. Stop for a moment after each point and find out what these successes feel like for you.

# 9: turn off the TV

I've never owned a television before. I hardly read any news either.

Hard to believe: I'm still alive and I'm damn fine.

In many media we are constantly bombarded with negative content. This can sometimes be like brainwashing.

Because of all the negative inputs, you could almost think that this world a very nasty and dangerous place be.

Since I stopped consuming something like that, I have a lot less fears and a lot more optimism in my life.

Why thinking positively is not a self-deception

Critics of positive thinking say it's just kidding yourself.

We should better go "realistic" instead of getting lost in daydreams and wasting our lives.

In part, they are absolutely right about that.

When we try to do something through positive thinking to oust then we shoot ourselves in the knee with it.

When we deny reality, we create ourselves more problems than necessary.

If we accept the situation let's open up to change.

Otherwise we will sink forever and three days in self-pity and little changes.

Instead, we focus our attention on the things that are within our sphere of influence.

We see what we can do and then we do it.

Summary on positive thinking

Positive thinking can have a very positive impact on your life if you do it practice regularly.

However, it only makes things worse when we try to deny reality.

To begin with, practice acceptance.

If you regularly heed some of the tips from this article, you will soon find positive thinking much easier.

Positive thinking is like a muscle that you can train. This can be a little exhausting at first.

But just like yourself physical fitness will have a tremendously positive effect on your life, it will be yours too mental fitness.

Learning to think positively is an important step there.

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