Connecting headphones will often damage the connection

Headphone jack defective - restrictions on enjoying music

Jack socket and plug for the transmission of audio signals

The majority of smartphones mainly use jack plugs and sockets to transmit audio or video signals. The name is derived from the word latch as a kind of lever or snap-in aid to the contact fields of the utility device. These contact fields serve as the only mechanical safeguard for the so-called plug connection. The jack plug itself consists of a tip, a shaft and rings of different widths, which can vary from model to model. As a rule, the headphone jack has a metallic ring or insulating material, which is supplemented by one or two contact fields.

Jack sockets and plugs are particularly easy to use and have a space-saving design. However, the contact quality between the connector and the contact fields often leaves something to be desired. As a rule, the spring tension of the contact fields decreases over time, which often affects the plug-in strength of the headphone jack. Due to the decreasing mechanical locking, a loose contact or a defective headphone jack is pre-programmed.

Causes of a defective headphone jack

The headphone jack is one of the few plug connections on the smartphone and is particularly sensitive to dirt, liquids or falls. These can damage the contact fields in the jack socket and thus cause a defect. Operating errors or an incorrect headphone plug can also provoke failure of the headphone socket by deforming it or damaging the contacts. While the latter can be avoided, damage from dust, dirt or liquids is not so easy to avoid and can result from the slightest inattention or heavy use. Protect your smartphone accordingly and take out additional mobile phone insurance such as the WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance. This way, if your headphone jack is defective, you can get help from a professional technician without paying a lot of money.

What damage can happen to your headphone jack?

A defective headphone socket can mean a lot and must be specified by you for a professional mobile phone repair. We at WERTGARANTIE have compiled the classic problem cases at the headphone socket of today's smartphones as well as possible causes so that you know exactly what to do in an emergency.