Who is Elnaaz Norouzi

Elnaaz (26) came to Hanover from Iran as a childFrom refugee girl to Bollywood star

Hanover / Mumbai - A life like in a movie ...

At the age of eight, little Elnaaz fled with her parents from Iran to Hanover. She grows up on sticks in modest circumstances. But she never loses sight of her big dream, fights like a lioness - and is now a celebrated Bollywood star at the age of 26!

In BILD, the Hanoverian (1.76 meters, 58 kilos) reveals how she did it.

"It wasn't an easy path, I shed many tears and had to work hard," says the woman who speaks seven languages ​​today.

The girl with the almond eyes from back then does not find any friends at first. After school ends, she learns German, dances with scarves in the hallway of the small apartment. “I've always dreamed of becoming an actor in Bollywood,” she says.

At 14, Elnaaz was discovered as a model. After graduating from the Goethe School, she ran for “Lacoste”, “Dior” and “Boss”. The answer to an application video comes from India: "We want you!"

Five years ago she moved to the Bollywood Mecca of Mumbai, where she taught herself the Indian languages ​​Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Now the breakthrough: Netflix is ​​currently broadcasting “The Godfather of Bombay” in 192 countries. A billion viewers saw Elnaaz at the side of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan (48).

Elnaaz only comes to Hanover to visit her parents. Her manager Filiz Rose (“Rose Sisters”) reveals: “That can change quickly. We also have plans for German TV! "