What are the top 10 Eminem songs

The 10 best songs by Eminem

10. Eminem - Superman

"Superman" is on "The Eminem Show" from 2002 and was only released as a single in the US. The song tells of a relationship quarrel between a man and a woman, with R&B singer Dina Rae playing the female part. The video shows pornstar Gina Lynn as Eminem's friend.

9. Eminem - Cleanin 'Out My Closet

Also from "The Eminem Show" comes the track "Cleanin 'Out My Closet", which after "Kill You" and "Marshall Mathers" is a quieter but still impressive continuation of the criticism of his own mother.

8. Eminem - Not Afraid

In 2010 Eminem ushered in a new phase of his work. While the first single releases from new albums used to be always amusing tracks in which other artists and celebrities got their fat, "Not Afraid" as the harbinger of the album "Recovery" shows that Marshall Mathers has matured.

7. Eminem - The Way I Am

The new millennium brings Eminem the final breakthrough with "The Marshall Mathers LP". On "The Way I Am" he settles accounts with the media, the fans and his own label and positions himself as an autonomous artist who knows exactly what he wants.

6. Eminem - My Name Is

"Hi, my name is Slim Shady". With these words, Eminem introduced himself and his alter ego Slim Shady to the masses in 1999. In addition to textual swipes at the Spice Girls and other artists, he also shows his humorous abilities in the video for the first time by parodying the then US President Bill Clinton.

5. Eminem - Without me

In "Without Me" in 2002, Eminem returns as the savior of the music industry, dissolves Moby, Limp Bizkit, Dick Cheney and many more and stages himself with his foster father Dr. Dre as a superhero duo. A typical Eminem over-the-top single with a lot of irony and bite. Osama bin Laden was also a victim of Eminem's parody rage.

4. Eminem - The Real Slim Shady

"The Real Slim Shady" is next to "My Name Is" the classic representative and gives Eminem the big breakthrough as the first single from the "Marshall Mathers LP". Not least because of the provocative statements about Christina Aguilera, Fred Durst, Will Smith and Pamela Anderson, the song is the big topic of conversation at the turn of the millennium.

3. Eminem feat. Dr. Dre - Guilty Conscience

The first joint track by Eminem and his artistic mentor Dr. Dre deals with the well-known battle of conscience. Eminem takes on the role of the little devil and wants to seduce people into bad deeds, Dr. Dre gives the rapping angel on his shoulder. The dialogue was the fourth single from the album "The Slim Shady LP" from 1999.

2. Eminem feat. Dido - Stan

The song "Stan" from the point of view of the fictional fan is one of Eminem's masterpieces. The story comes to a head with each stanza and you learn more and more about Stan's unstable psyche until it finally comes to a catastrophe. A sample from Dido's song "Thank You" serves as the chorus, which rounds off the melancholy atmosphere of the track.

1. Eminem - Lose Yourself

The song for the film "8 Mile" is one of the most successful and most positively rated hip-hop tracks of all time and the first rap song to win an Oscar. In terms of content, the piece (like the film) cuts into Eminem's life, but must not be viewed entirely as autobiographical. "Lose Yourself" is inspiring and not only a musical highlight for hip-hop fans.