How powerful is the imagination

Translation of "mighty" in Spanish

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poderoso fuerte poder
The tray is not like that powerful like the talisman.
El tablero no es tan poderoso como ese talismán.
He's way too powerful for us alone.
Sí, y es demasiado poderoso para que lo enfrentemos solos.
Do not know how powerful I am Caroline.
No tienes idea de lo fuerte que soy, Caroline.
P.C. Principal is closed powerful.
El Director P.C. it demasiado fuerte.
Your assassin is very much powerful become.
I know, how powerful the cup is.
you know, how powerful is the outpost of the ancients.
Viste de primera mano cuan poderosa it la base de los Antiguos.
You said that he powerful would be.
It's incredible powerful and vicious, beyond imagination.
It sumaments poderoso, más allá de cualquier comprensión, maligno.
Sir Richard is powerful and rich and well on the way to nobility.
Sir Richard it poderoso, rico y en camino a convertirse en parte de la nobleza.
It is more than powerful, it's unpredictable.
Rich, powerful, healthy, dead.
Eon rarely uses it because it is like that powerful is.
Eon rara vez lo utiliza porque es muy poderoso.
The Slayer must be really bad powerful be.
La cazadora debe ser realmente poderosa.
Centuries ago some magicians decided that the vademecum should be too powerful was.
Hace siglos, unos practicantes decidieron que el Vademécum era demasiado poderoso.
Well, not exactly, but a lot powerful.
Somehow ... I feel powerful.
My home is rich and powerful.
We talk about an organization like this powerful like the CIA.
Estamos hablando de una organización tan poderosa como la CIA.
You are powerful, you are talented and famous.
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