How do I spend 3 months productively

Work more productively: Tips on sleep, exercise & nutrition

The person in balance can work more productively. We give tips on how you can increase your productivity through better sleep, exercise and a more conscious diet, especially in the home office.

The 3 basics for a productive day

# 1 Restful sleep

In the start-up world, getting a good night's sleep is not exactly what it is all about. There are quite a few entrepreneurs who proudly report that they only need little sleep. One of the most famous is Elon Musk, who says he only sleeps four hours a night. However, it has been scientifically proven that people need an average of 7-8 hours of sleep to stay healthy and productive.

Suitable sleeping environment

A place where we spend about 1/3 of the day should optimally suit our needs. The sleeping environment is important here: A quiet, dark room with a temperature of around 18 degrees is ideal. Furthermore, the mattress should fit your own body. A mattress that is too soft is just as disadvantageous for the spine as a rock-hard surface. You should adapt the pillow to your own sleeping behavior. For example, there are now pillows for side and stomach sleepers.

Avoid excitement

Detective stories and thrillers are best looked away when it's dark outside. And probably everyone knows the feeling of crawling a little deeper into your own bedspread after reading a horror novel. These may be good entertainment tips for an evening on the weekend, but if you are planning a productive day afterwards, you should refrain from thrill-scary adventures. Otherwise, there is a high risk of having bad dreams and sleeping poorly as a result. A funny book will send you off into the night with better thoughts.

No electronic devices

Even storing electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or a TV screen has a negative impact on sleep. The smartphone in sight on the bedside table makes many people think of WhatsApp chats or unanswered e-mails. However, a survey on the subject of sleep showed that almost every third respondent uses the smartphone before getting up. At the same time, only 15 percent of the population can manage without electronics in the bedroom.

But anyone who watches a film from bed before going to bed or scrolls through Facebook makes snoozing even more difficult. Guilt is among other things. the amount of blue light in the light from the screens. In the meantime there are also blue light filters in the devices or as apps, but let's be honest - half an hour before falling asleep or after waking up, the digital world can do without you, but you need healthy sleep for a productive day.

Mind hygiene

In the evening, many people worry about the next day: Will I cope with my tasks at work tomorrow? Can I make it to the dentist in time after work? Man is not at the mercy of his worries. We can learn not to give these worries too much space in life, for example through the following mindfulness exercises.


Just close your eyes and - no, don't dive into the land of dreams just yet, but rather feel your own breath for 15 minutes and let your thoughts go by. You can also do this in bed, sitting with your upper body upright. Meditation CDs or apps are recommended for support. A little meditation is also useful during the productive day, for example when you are on your lunch break. It refreshes the mind and body and helps you to refocus. You also develop more resistance through meditation.

Thought exercises

Our brains are good at dealing with questions, which is why questioning techniques are so effective. The essential principle behind it, namely directing your attention into a certain path, can also be used to relax before going to bed. At the end of each productive day, ask yourself the following question:

What went well today

Your head will find answers, because even on difficult days there is something that went well - even if it was something seemingly mundane like a good meal. The thought exercise helps you to develop a positive mindset and ideally to go to sleep in a good mood.

Gratitude list

When you can think of things that went well, the next step is to be grateful for those things, be it nice conversations with colleagues, a pedestrian smile, or the fact that you live in peace.

You can write down all of these positive circumstances in your life in gratitude lists and read them over and over again. You will be amazed how much will come together! The gratitude exercise may feel a bit strange at first, but over time it will become your basic attitude to be grateful for the small and big things in life, which will increase your satisfaction and motivation - ideal conditions for a productive day!

Go to sleep and get up at set times

To ensure a productive day at work, your body should know exactly when it is time for it to sleep and get up. The trend here is the 5am Club by performance expert Robin Sharma, who inspires people around the world to get up at 5 a.m. in order to maximize their own productivity. Try out the methods in the book.

It is also exciting to explore your own biorhythm: At what times are you productive, when does your body register a need for sleep? On the basis of this, you then adjust your daily routine and sleep times. If you have to be awake and fit during regular business hours, this is of course only possible to a limited extent, but optimization is always possible. The most important thing is that you establish a fixed routine for sleeping and getting up that does not get too much off track on the weekend.

# 2 exercise and exercise

Doing a little exercise every day is healthier than doing the blasting routine once a week. We have collected tips for this.

Morning fitness in the home office

Out of bed, into training: The best way to start a productive day is with a few morning exercises such as yoga or classic squats. Exercise equipment such as an elliptical cross trainer is also practical as it saves you having to go to the gym or the swimming pool. Because this path takes time and can be very uncomfortable in the darker months of the year. That being said, investing in training equipment is not wrong in the current situation, as there can be restrictions in public life at any time.

Take up the plank position

In the office itself, fitness exercises are ideal to promote the productive day and to feel fresh.

A quick and effective way to get there is to take the plank position. You lie down on the floor, support your forearms and keep yourself on tiptoe. Hold this position as long as possible. The body tenses, the blood circulation is promoted and you go through the rest of the day with new strength.

Walking meeting

Grandma recommended exercise in the fresh air to clear your head and move your body. Combines a healthy walk with a meeting, the whole thing is called a walking meeting. These meetings are ideal if you want to be more productive and at the same time want to do something good for your health.

# 3 Healthy eating

An efficient body needs healthy food, from which it can obtain essential nutrients. With our tip, healthy eating can be easily integrated into a productive day.

Try healthy recipes

There are several recipe platforms with instructions on the Internet. Videos in which the recipes are prepared for imitation are even more helpful in everyday life, for example on the BodyKiss channel. No time to cook is not an excuse here, because the healthy dishes from the video can be prepared in just 5 minutes.

Fruit plate

Out of sight out of mind also works the other way round: Place fruit plates at strategically important points in the office, for example in the tea kitchen, in the conference room and on the employees' desks. At some point, when you see ripe bananas, apples, pears and grapes, you will not be able to help but nibble on them. But then without a guilty conscience, because you ate healthy snacks.

Eat intuitively

Small portions 5 times a day or three large meals? The intuitive access to one's own body and its needs helps with healthy eating habits. Because the appetite already gives you what your organism needs. But be careful, don't let hunger lure you on the wrong track! The following table from STRONG Magazine reveals what the Jieper actually means.

Food by color

If it is true that the eye is eating, we would do well to make our meals colorful - at least that is the message of a SPIEGEL coaching article. Brings different colored foods onto the plate and into the various courses. The author recommends:

  • Breakfast with muesli, blueberries, strawberries, pumpkin seeds
  • Lunch with salmon, spinach, potatoes or rice, with raspberries for dessert
  • Dinner with bread, black olives, chickpea paste, red pepper and avocado

Then you should reflect on whether you have become fuller and more satisfied than before thanks to the different colored menus. Culinary variety is definitely given!

Meal prep

This method used to be called precooking, today it is called meal prep: the anticipatory preparation of meals for the following days or for the whole week. Professional meal preppers cook meals on the weekend and plan them in such a way that they have the greatest possible variety of flavors and good nutrient coverage. Typical meal prep dishes are, for example:

But salads, meat and fish dishes and snacks are also ideal for meal prep. Overnight oats - delicious oat flakes that are refined with milk, spices, fruits and chia seeds - also go quickly.

Meal prep is not only healthy, it also saves cooking stress in hectic everyday work and money that you would otherwise spend on eating outside. So you can work more productively and do something good for yourself at the same time.

# 4 Social relationships

Interpersonal relationships are essential to our health. These relationships not only include your own team, but also your partner, family and friends. If you neglect these important social contacts, sooner or later your productivity will suffer.

If you want to work more productively, you shouldn't miss out on spending time with your loved ones. A fatal mistake here is to view this time as unproductive. Entrepreneurs are first and foremost people and, like everyone else, need interpersonal contact.

But it is also great to socialize with colleagues, for example on team trips or team building measures.

Conclusion: strengthened at the desk

If you feel well rested, fit and healthy, your working day is much easier. Stressful days, unpleasant conversations with customers or meetings can be approached more clearly, more relaxed, more effectively and more efficiently than when you feel exhausted and overworked. And when the abundance of tasks takes over again, the following strategies will help you in everyday life to prioritize the tasks and work more productively.

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