What is the center of the world

Asia - center of the world

These were now viewed as inferior, inconsistent, mysterious and exotic. Their own countries, on the other hand, are enlightened, rational and scientifically at the highest level. Only the enlightenment, which on the one hand brought equality, freedom and human rights, made it possible, on the other, for non-European societies to be incapacitated, colonized and incapacitated with ideas such as racial theory could be subjected.

Because of this, dominates today our Historiography and other regions of the world only play a minor role in this, in short.

That was not always so. Cities like today's Istanbul or Damascus, Baghdad, Isfahan, Kabul, or Bukhara and Samarkand in today's Uzbekistan, to Kashgar in western China have been perceived as the centers of the intellectual, economic and political elite for millennia. Leading minds came there and made groundbreaking discoveries in their fields. Silk, spices, gold, and silver were traded between these cities via the broad network of the Silk Roads, by land and sea.
This network connected the Mediterranean in the west with the Pacific in the east and the Indian Ocean in the south. Pilgrims and warriors, nomads and merchants traveled the ways and brought with them a new religion or death and violence, prosperity and know-how or diseases and catastrophes.