Why do people stop eating

To eat more sensibly: Learn to listen to your body

You don't have to suffer from eating disorders like the recently engaged Lady Diana Spencer in the new season of "The Crown" in order to eat poorly: habits trained since childhood and the questionable tricks of the food industry have made many of us eat unbalanced. We eat at certain times instead of when our body demands supplies or minerals. We eat too sweet and too greasy because it calms us down, and we eat too many carbohydrates because our metabolism is conditioned to use them.

A problem? Yes, as you can see from the statistics from the health authorities. In poor countries in particular, the malnutrition of empty calories from starch from cheap bread and sugar from sweet drinks sweetened with corn glucose syrup is rampant. Numerous scientists argue that starches like sugar act like drugs on our metabolism and make it dependent. People who are conditioned to have readily available sugar when they miss that piece of chocolate after eating experience a craving like that of a smoker for nicotine. Modern nutrition has also ensured that we can absorb large amounts of calories in a very short time without our stomach telling us that it is full. Those who are well connected to their bodies and listen to their intuition will be less exposed to such moments. But it is very clear: this bond is preceded by a learning process.

The following points are recommended for intuitive eating:

  • Only eat when you are really hungry - and not just because everyone is going to lunch

  • No bans are issued - but eat more consciously. Then it will also be less

  • Listen to the body: those who enjoy mindfully can feel their fullness. Often we eat too fast for the stomach to report to the brain in time that it has had enough

  • Systematically bring exercise into everyday life in order to get rid of too many calories, if necessary - but have no illusions: You cannot run away from a wrong diet

  • Overcome old habits through daily mental training

  • You can give in to strong cravings from time to time - but it should stay within the framework of mindful enjoyment. Salty nuts, a bite of chocolate or bread and butter are all right if you feel the desire afterwards and can give in to enjoyment without temporal and psychological stress. However, it is not the case that such things can be consumed indefinitely - that will have consequences for the scales.

  • Those who stick to these points should avoid ravenous hunger attacks and will be able to maintain their comfortable weight without dieting. Low-carb, keto and whatever they are called: a thing of the past! For everyone who is learning to listen carefully to their guts again. Whoever manages it has already done a lot for the sustainability of their lifestyle. Good luck!