How is Remembrance Day celebrated in Australia

Holidays in Australia: overview, dates & explanation

There are eight national ones Holidays in Australia (Bank Holidays) which are all celebrated extensively by the Aussies. Just like in Germany, Easter, Christmas and New Year are national holidays in Down Under. Since Australian history also has a few peculiarities, there are of course also occasions that are only celebrated on the 5th continent. The following is an overview of all Australian public holidays and the meaning of the individual days is briefly explained.


Holidays at a glance

  • New Year's Day: New Years Day (01.01.)
  • Australia Day: Australian National Day (26/01)
  • Good Friday: Good Friday (day varies from state to state)
  • Easter Saturday: Easter Saturday (day varies from state to state)
  • ANZAC Day: Remembrance Day for Fallen Australian Soldiers (April 25)
  • Queens Birthday: Queen's birthday (day varies from state to state)
  • Christmas Day: Christmas Day (December 25th)
  • Boxing Day: Second Christmas Day (December 26th)

Info: There are other state-specific holidays. The Northern Territory has an impressive 16 public holidays, while most other states celebrate around 10 public holidays. Here you can find all current holidays in Australia listed by state.



Australia was founded on 01.01.1901, which is why the Aussies have two reasons to celebrate: New Year's Day and Founding Day. On January 26th, 1788 the first fleet of ships ("First Fleet") under Captain Arthur Phillips reached Australia and the colonization of the red continent with British prisoners began. Nowadays, Australia Day is celebrated extensively, which is revealed by constant "Aussie, Aussie Ausie, OI, OI, Oi" slogans, an infinite number of Australian flags, a lot of alcohol consumption and painted faces. Easter consists of two holidays on the 5th continent: Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

On April 25, 1915, the Australian and New Zealand armies in Turkey (Gallipoli) suffered great losses when they fought on the side of the Allies in the First World War. Today ANZAC Day is a national holiday and is celebrated in memory of the fallen soldiers. The Birthday of the Queen is also a public holiday in all states, although the date varies between states.

On December 25th and 26th As in all countries of the Christian denomination, Christmas, i.e. the birth of Jesus, is celebrated. On the morning of Christmas Day (Christmas Day) traditionally the presents are handed out, while on Boxing Day (Boxing Day) many families leave for their summer vacation, which usually ends on Australia Day. Of course, New Year's Eve is also an important event in Australia, where people celebrate extensively until the early hours of the morning. The fireworks over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which magically attracts countless people from all over the world, are world-famous and truly unique. New Years Day (New Year's Day) is a holiday where it is common to meet with family and friends, eat together, and have a good time.


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