Hedgehogs are good pets


As already mentioned, white-bellied hedgehogs are insectivores. In their natural habitat they feed on worms, snails, larvae, bird eggs and rarely on fruits. Even in captivity, insects should be a staple food for the white-bellied hedgehog. For example, you can offer your hedgehogs mealworms, earthworms, beetles, snails or house crickets. It is best to buy the insects from the pet store, as insects from the wild are often disease vectors. In addition to insects, high-quality dry cat food can also be fed. The meat content should be at least 60%. However, it should not be used as a complete feed. The same applies to wet cat food: It should be fed for a change and it should be of high quality. Occasionally the hedgehogs can also be offered fruit, but not too much, as it can otherwise cause diarrhea. Some hedgehogs also like scrambled eggs (unseasoned and fried without oil). It is important that the diet of your white-bellied hedgehog is varied, otherwise deficiency symptoms can occur.

The white-bellied hedgehogs should have fresh water at their disposal every day. Hedgehogs are naturally lactose intolerant and should therefore not be offered milk. You cannot process milk sugar, which is why digestive problems are common.