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The perfect woman: These 15 characteristics should be a dream woman

How should the perfect woman be? Since men have whole different ideas. The look of Kate Upton combined with the character of Yvonne Catterfeld? Or is an independent and strong woman like Silbermond singer Stefanie Kloß the perfect woman? We followed up our male members and found outwhat qualities the perfect woman should have.


The perfect woman should have these 15 qualities

Most women will now ask: Do I have to fulfill exactly these characteristics to find a partner? No of course not! Tastes are different and that's a good thing. You can rest assured that your future partner will accept you for who they are.
Not all of us have one or the other mistake that exactly that certain something matter? But if you are really curious what men would want from a woman, then read on now!

1. Honesty

You can confirm that, can't you? For most women, honesty is just as important in a man as it is the other way around. Honesty is considered the top quality of a dream woman - don't you expect your partner to be honest too?

2. Humor

The perfect woman is supposed to have a good sense of humor. The men agree on that. To be able to laugh together with your partner is something wonderful!

3. Loyalty

Unless you prefer the concept of an open relationship, loyalty should come naturally to you.

4. Intelligence

A smart woman who has something in her head is very attractive to men. It is not guaranteed not to be boring with an intelligent woman and good conversations are inevitable.

5. Reliability

Men find a woman's reliability just as important as intelligence. Even a man would like to let himself go and be able to rely on his partner.

6. Empathy

She has the gift of putting herself in the man's shoes and giving him what he needs right now. Women with this quality are almost perfect!

7. A sense of family

She gets on really well with the man's family. The perfect partner and dream woman not only knows the brother's humor, can hit the father's soft core and is like a daughter for the mother.

8. Openness

The perfect woman is simply curious and open. She sees the glass half full instead of half empty and always welcomes new options and possibilities with open arms. With this quality, women can score points with men and are the ideal partners for stealing horses.

9. Optimism

The perfect woman brings a good dose of optimism and doesn't let herself get down even in difficult times. She always finds new ways and sees only the positive in every thing. And men - love this quality in women.

10. Good manners

Not only does good manners have a high value, but the male gender thinks that the perfect woman should have this quality.

11. Sportiness

Sleepyheads, couch potatoes & Co. were yesterday! The dream woman par excellence is active and loves to do sports. No matter whether tennis, fitness, squash, soccer or dancing. Men are extremely enthusiastic about an active, sporty woman, it is even better when you can still do something together.

12. Attention

Men enjoy the undivided attention of a woman in the evening, on a date or just at home. Of course, it shouldn't stick to him right away, but in conjunction with empathy, it should guess when the man needs a little more attention.

13. Respect

The perfect woman is not only respected, she also respects the man as he is: don't we all have our rough edges? Respect is extremely important to men, even if they disagree, show them that you respect their decisions. A partnership at eye level is essential.

14. Caresses

The perfect woman shouldn't be afraid to be affectionate. Intimacies are extremely important to the bond and love of a relationship.

15. Conversations together

Serious topics or just nonsense. Men expect good conversations from the perfect woman. Regardless of the topic, you should always have a topic that you can talk about.

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The appearance of a perfect woman - men pay special attention to this

We now know what characteristics make a perfect woman for men, but what about looks? What do men look out for first when you face him? Of course, you shouldn't think now that you have to meet exactly these criteria: definitely not!
Every woman has her own characteristics, we just want to inform you about what men look out for most often when you meet them for the first time.

1. Radiance

Your charisma is particularly important to men. Is the overall package right? Do you meet the general taste of him? He determines this directly based on your charisma. Whether you are a fundamentally positive person, or rather reserved, can also be determined by your charisma.

2. Physique

Admittedly, this seems a bit strange at first glance, but in fact men pay attention to the general physique of a woman. That doesn't mean thick or thin. Rather, it is about your general proportions and also your height.

3. face

What should the face of a perfect woman be like? It is not possible to generalize about the exact features a woman must have on her face for a man to perceive her as perfect. Men are often in love with details. Whether freckles, a small birthmark, the sweet nose or full lips. Every woman has something special!

4. Smile

If a woman's smile is real, men can identify them very quickly based on their body language. Incidentally, also a nice indication of whether the woman is interested at all. Do your eyes laugh too? Then it's a real smile that comes from the heart. On the other hand, if it doesn't even reach the eyes, she just smiles out of politeness.

5. eyes

Some men are especially important to a woman's eyes. Big doe eyes or a cool blue? There the preferences differ, on the one hand there are men who perceive women with brown eyes as perfect, on the other hand it could also be blue, green, or a combination.

6. Hair

Women love to play with their hair. Don't you know that too? Now you've been blonde for a few years, now it's time for brown again, or would you prefer black? Maybe also a great copper red which is so trendy right now. Then of course there is also the cut. Bob, long bob, lion's mane, or pixie cut. Women are very keen to experiment when it comes to this. And so some men also have their preferences. Of course, it is always different which hair of a woman is considered perfect for a man.

Checklist: what should the perfect woman be like?

  • She says what she thinks.
  • She is funny and doesn't take every saying wrong.
  • The perfect woman loves without any ifs or buts, unfaithfulness is a foreign word for her.
  • A dream woman has something in her head and is smart.
  • She is loyal and has her back.
  • The perfect woman is compassionate and has a heart for everyone.
  • She is a family person and gets along well with everyone.
  • She is open and curious.
  • She is optimistic and only sees the good in everything and everyone.
  • A dream woman has good manners and knows how to behave.
  • She loves to be physically active and to do sports.
  • She is attentive and actively listens.
  • The perfect woman respects his opinion.
  • She is affectionate and seeks closeness.
  • She is communicative and interested.


We are of the opinion that every woman has something very special about herself that is not only lovable, but also makes a man fall in love. If we're being completely honest, we feel the same way with men - whether George Clooney, Hugh Jackman or Brad Pitt. Don't we all have this one type of man in mind that we find perfect ?!