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Most spoken languages ​​worldwide in 2020

You ask yourself: what is the most widely spoken language in the world? Because you want to learn alanguage always be one step ahead. You want to know which ones language is trendy and in demand right now? Read on to find out which language might be your next.

The 20 most spoken languages ​​in 2020

Let's focus on the top 5 ...

1. English

How many people speak english 1,132 million

You should learn English if you prefer a genderless language that uses simple verb conjugations and has extensive expressive options.

Did you know that? “I”, “we”, “who”, “two” and “three” are among the oldest words in the English language.

If you understand this article and can already communicate in English, that's really good! English remains the most widely spoken language in the world. Not only because of the large number of native speakers, but also because it is widely used as a second language. English is part of the West Germanic language family and is an official language on six out of seven continents (64% of native speakers are Americans). The effort is worth it, as our lingua franca is a crucial instrument for intercultural trade.

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2. Chinese Mandarin

How many people speak Chinese Mandarin? 1.117 million

This language is suitable if you prefer spoken languages ​​with simple grammar and like to take the time to discover the complexity behind a language.

Did you know that using two eights in a row (88) is Chinese internet slang and means “bye bye”?

Mandarin has the most native speakers and is spoken by 70% of all Chinese. This makes Mandarin by far the largest Chinese dialect. Plus, it never hurts to learn more about this 1,000 year old country! For many, learning Mandarin is daunting because it involves over 50,000 different characters. Compared to the 26-letter alphabet, this is very intimidating. However, 2500 characters are enough to find your way in everyday Mandarin. We are convinced that the effort is worth it!

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3. Hindi

How many people speak Hindi? 615 million

While this language has genders, it is easy to pronounce and read. You read and speak it as it is written.

Did you know that? In the Hindi language there is no such thing as "the, the, that," or what we call a particular article.

Many may associate the language with colorful Bollywood films and the chaotic traffic in Delhi. But Hindi has even more to offer ... namely 615 million potential friends and an incredible cultural diversity! If you give this Indo-Aryan language a chance, you will not only be able to understand great music and entertaining films, but you will also understand the close connection with English. For example, the English words guru, avatar, mantra, pajama, bungalow and shampoo come from the Hindi language.

4. Spanish

How many people speak Spanish 534 million

The language is for you if you like languages ​​that are pronounced as they are written and still grammatically challenging.

Did you already know that Spanish is also officially spoken in countries in Central Africa and Equatorial Guinea?

We talk a lot about Spanish and how can we not? This melodic, happy and romantic language takes hearts by storm. Due to the growing cultural influence, the number of speakers has increased considerably. Many feel intimidated by the rolled "r", the gender and the complex verb conjugations. However, we believe that the bigger picture should be taken into account: namely access to 21 Spanish-speaking countries. You will not only understand your favorite party songs, you will also speak one of the most sought-after languages ​​of all!

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5. French

How many people speak French? 280 million

Do you like languages ​​that are challenging in terms of pronunciation and grammar? Then French is just the thing. At the same time, you can gain a foothold in a large number of countries.

Did you know that? At the beginning of the French Revolution, 75% of French citizens did not speak French as their first language. Instead, regional languages ​​were used.

French remains a cultural giant, but that's not all thanks to Paris. The future of the French language lies in Africa, as 45% of all French speakers were based in Africa in 2018, for example. Due to the growing African population, it is assumed that the francophone population will comprise around 572 million speakers by 2030. But France is and will remain a major attraction and a key country in global politics. The cultural diversity, the impressive history, to which we thus get access, are worth learning this Romance language!

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The top 6-20 most spoken languages ​​in the world

Standard Arabic - 274 million speakers
Bengali - 265 million speakers
Russian - 258 million speakers
Portuguese - 234 million speakers
Indonesian 199 million speakers
Urdu - 170 million speakers
Standard German - 132 million speakers
Japanese - 128 million speakers
Swahili - 98 million speakers
Marathi - 95 million speakers
Telugu - 93 million speakers
Western punjabi - 93 million speakers
Wu (Chinese) - 82 million speakers
Tamil - 81 million speakers
Turkish - 80 million speakers

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How can you find out about the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world?

Ethnologue, one of the most trustworthy platforms for languages ​​and their profiles, not only gives us information about the top 3 or top 5, but also about the top 20 most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. If you learn one of these languages, you will have access to millions of speakers. That gives you a lot of cosmopolitanism and experience! This page is so important because it counts both native speakers and second language learners. This will give you a feeling for the entirety of the speakers who could be considered as a language partner for you!

Because ultimately, not only native speakers can help you learn a language. Other learners of the same language can also give you helpful tips!