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Re-acquisition of Austrian citizenship by granting it

Marriage to a foreign national

Anyone who has lost Austrian citizenship in the course of marriage to a foreign national in the cases listed below has claim to regain Austrian citizenship, provided this Marriage dissolved in the meantime is:

• Loss of citizenship through marriage (only for the spouse), which was Austrian law in the case of the automatic acquisition of citizenship of the foreign spouse until June 30, 1966;

• Loss of citizenship through voluntary adoption of the citizenship of the spouse;

• Loss of citizenship through voluntary acceptance of a foreign citizenship together with the other spouse.

The application is only possible within a Deadline of five years after dissolution marriage possible.

Loss of citizenship before coming of age

Anyone who has lost or renounced citizenship by voluntarily adopting a foreign citizenship before reaching the age of majority has the right to regain Austrian citizenship. The prerequisite for this is legal residence in Austria, which may also be temporary or short-term.

Applications can only be submitted within a period of two years after reaching the age of majority. As of July 1, 2001, an adult is considered to be of legal age if he or she has reached the age of 18.

Uninterrupted possession of citizenship for at least 10 years

Anyone who has been in possession of Austrian citizenship for at least ten years and who has lost or waived it by voluntarily adopting a foreign citizenship can apply to the office of the responsible provincial government to reacquire Austrian citizenship. The decision lies in the Authority's discretion. requirement for this is the - under certain circumstances only temporary or short-term - Stay in Austria.

For the application there is no deadline.

In any case, the award requires the resignation of the previous citizenship unless it can be proven, that this unreasonable or impossible is.

  • Unreasonable departure from the previous state association

People whose main place of residence is in the USA is generally unreasonable to forego US citizenship because this is associated with the right to stay in the USA. Acquiring Austrian citizenship could therefore lead to dual citizenship in these cases. The assessment is incumbent on the office of the responsible state government.

  • Impossibility of leaving the previous state association

In principle, US citizenship can be waived. However, should it be proven in an individual case that the waiver is not possible, the acquisition of Austrian citizenship would lead to dual citizenship. However, the assessment is incumbent on the office of the responsible state government.

Greatly simplified regaining of Austrian citizenship through notification (explanation)

This is possible in the following cases:

• For Putative Austrians, these are people who have been falsely treated as citizens by an Austrian authority and who are not responsible for this;

• For alleged Austrians of descent, these are people who only allegedly possessed citizenship by virtue of descent or legitimation because a determination of paternity subsequently showed that there was no case of acquisition of citizenship through descent or legitimation;

• Former citizens or citizens of one of the successor states of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy or stateless persons, each with their main residence in the federal territory, who went abroad before May 15, 1955 because they were involved in persecution by organs of the NSDAP or the authorities of the Third Reich Had or suffered reason to fear or because they were exposed to persecution or had to fear such persecution because of their standing up for the democratic republic of Austria (more information in the section Victims of Fascism and National Socialism).

Please contact the Consulate General for further requirements and application formalities for re-acquisition by notification.