Hate oil companies Elon Musk

Hate campaign: Trump disciples attack Tesla boss Elon Musk

It was already clear before the election that Elon Musk and the future US President Donald Trump would no longer be friends. The founder of the electric car manufacturer Tesla openly opposed the Republican candidate at the time. “This is not exactly a high point in the history of American democracy. But we hope that the right result will come out, ”said Musk just hours before the election when visiting Germany. "We don't think Trump would be the ideal person to become president, we don't think that would rebound positively on the United States."

The future president's supporters have not forgotten that. Now lobby groups close to Trump are launching an attack on Musk. The heart of the campaign is a website: At www.stopelonfromfailingagain.com (German: “prevents Musk from failing again”), alleged evidence is being collected that Musk would live with Tesla and his space company SpaceX at the expense of taxpayers and their subsidies.

Musk is stylized on this page as such a bizarre villain that one initially believes in satire. The Tesla founder has been compared to investment fraudsters like Bernard Madoff. There are videos shown in which a Musk cardboard cutout in place of the villain Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films is assembled. The title of the clip: "Taking the world hostage ... for $ 4.9 billion". This is how high the subsidies Musk received for his companies are said to be.

On a conservative mission

But behind the site is not a satirist, but a conservative lobby group called "Citizens for the Republic" (CFTR). And their ties to Trump are close. The ultra-conservative radio presenter Laura Ingraham is the chairman of the group ("National Chairman"). She could become Trump's press secretary in the White House. A few days ago, Ingraham herself said that she was still in the running for the post, this was also reported by "Breitbart News", the ultra-conservative news site that until recently was run by Stephen Bannon, who is now Trump's chief strategist.

Ingraham is extremely influential, especially in conservative circles. More than a million people follow their tweets on the short message service Twitter. She describes herself as the "most heard woman on American political talk radio". Her “The Laura Ingraham Show” runs nationwide on more than 200 radio stations. She is also a regular commentator on Fox News television.