So you can watch more than 300 TV channels online

ProSieben, Sat. 1 and Co. - How to watch these TV channels for free on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

We prepare the information so that we can sort it according to the major channels / channel groups.

ARD, ZDF and Co.

It starts with the fee-financed public service programs. You have probably already made use of these and are familiar with the apps.

With both apps you are completely taken care of. They are available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. For example, you can watch the programs live there. In the case of the ARD media library app, these are:

  • The first,
  • BR,
  • MR,
  • MDR,
  • NDR,
  • Radio Bremen,
  • RBB,
  • SR,
  • SWR,
  • WDR,
  • One,
  • ARD-alpha,
  • 3SAT,
  • Arte,
  • Kika,
  • Phoenix,
  • tagesschau24 and
  • Deutsche Welle (DW).

Some of the programs can also be found in the ZDF app. You can also filter by categories and genres in the ARD media library app (documentary, talk, news, crime, etc.). You can feed watch lists with programs that you want to watch and then look away one after the other.

The ZDF app also offers a log-in system. You can register on the website and get an integration into Apple's TV app. This will give you suggestions as to what you might want to watch and more. The ZDFmediathek is available as live streams:

  • ZDF,
  • ZDF neo,
  • ZDF info,
  • 3SAT,
  • Phoenix,
  • ARTE and
  • Kika.

Apps for the iPhone or iPad such as ZDF VR also present completely different content. But of course there is also WDR 360 VR and many more. Just browse the App Store.

ARD and ZDF on Mac

It looks different on the Mac. So far, you have not called up the content there via your own apps, but via the browser. The application is similar to that in the apps.

If you want to play the content with player apps like VLC, for example, and possibly also record it, there are addresses for "streams". For the program “Das Erste” this is, for example, the address “[email protected]/master.m3u8”. This stream has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. You can find out more addresses by opening the respective live stream on the website and searching through the source code for an XML file. You will then find the address of the stream in it.

ProSieben, Sat.1 on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

You can also get the content from ProSieben, Sat.1, Kabel 1 and other channels from the provider for free. You can use individual apps or the “7TV” app, which, similar to the ARD media library, includes all the content of all programs.

At the moment, you do not need to log in to the live programs on the Apple TV. However, you have to register briefly on the iPhone or iPad. This also works with a Facebook or Google login and is done with little effort. You will then have access to live streams from:

  • Per seven,
  • Sat 1,
  • Cable 1,
  • DMAX,
  • Sat.1 gold,
  • WORLD,
  • Sport1,
  • 7MAXX,
  • SIXX,
  • TLC,
  • Eurosport 1,
  • Cable 1 documentation,
  • N24 documentation and
  • Ric.

The iPhone and iPad app also gives you access to ZDF, ZDF neo and ZDF info. The live streams contain advertising, of course. With the on-demand episodes, however, the Apple TV is “still” very pleasant, as you can see individual episodes entirely without advertising.

ProSieben, Sat.1 on the Mac

Do you want to view the programs on your Mac? Then use the browser for this too. On you will find the same offer as in the previously presented app.

RTL, Vox and Co. on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Now we come to a "painful" topic. Because the RTL Group is pursuing a different business strategy and is not too bad to lead the user a little on the black ice, to put it euphemistically.

Because “actually” there is at least some content available for free, on demand. But the apps on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV all require a (paid) account, or at least suggest this to the user.

“In the past,” it was so tragic that you couldn't even play the free content yourself. In the meantime, however, you can at least use a lot of free content on demand with a free account. However, the app gives you the feeling that you would have to pay 4.99 euros a month in any case. But that's not true. At least not on the iPhone and iPad. We were able to call up the content on the tablet after logging in; the system complained about Apple's set-top box.

If you opt for premium access, you would have access to all content on demand and also to the following channels in the live stream:

  • RTL,
  • VOX,
  • RTL II,
  • RTL Nitro
  • NTV,
  • RTLplus,
  • Super RTL,
  • Toggo Plus,
  • NOW !,
  • RTL Crime,
  • RTL Passion,
  • RTL Living and
  • GEO Television.

RTL, Vox and Co. on the Mac

There is no separate app for the Mac. The only way to do this is via Safari, Chrome or Firefox and others. The best way to do this is to go to Then browse through the programs from A-Z. If these do not have the "Premium" label, you can also view them, including commercial breaks.