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We have now been in Tenerife for about 4 weeks, our first destination on the way to a location-independent life. We have been working for 4 weeks on our balcony, with a view of the Los Gigantes cliffs, birds chirping in our ears and sunbeams on our skin. The start couldn't have been nicer. Why we chose Tenerife of all places, why Tenerife is the ideal first destination for prospective digital nomads and how I experienced my first time, I would like to tell you here.

Why Tenerife of all places?

I could start now to tell you that we are in favor of one as flat an entry as possible have decided. I could write that we didn't want to overwhelm ourselves at the beginning of our trip and wanted a nice, relaxed start. I could also start with us first thought about Portugal and Great Britain - definitely a country where we can find our way around without any problems and feel comfortable.

But the truth is much less exciting, maybe even disappointing: We decided on Tenerife because my parents wanted to go there anyway. Every year in winter they flee for 6-8 weeks to a warm country, which ideally they have not yet been to and where the internet is good so that my father can work. This year my parents decided on Tenerife - and asked us if we would like to accompany them. We wouldn't have chosen the destination ourselves, but we liked the idea of ​​being able to spend the first time with a little family, and so we accepted the generous offer. We saw it as beautiful Possibility to say goodbye very graduallybefore we actually go on our own and explore the big wide world in pairs. After all, there couldn't have been a flatter entry. And so we quickly booked a holiday apartment together, the flights and a rental car for the first week. If I'm honest: Maybe Jesper and I would still be in Germany if my parents hadn't already decided on Tenerife. For us it was the kick that we needed to really realize our plans. Ultimately, Tenerife has turned out to be the ideal entry point and ideal first destination and I am glad that I “decided” on it.

Which is why there is no more ideal first goal for me

As I said, I would probably never have chosen Tenerife myself. For my taste it was too touristy, too sparse, too small, too crowded, too German - simply uninteresting. But the longer I am here, the more I realize that it is despite all my prejudices could not have given a better first goal. And that out completely different reasons.

Homesickness cannot arise

Small boats sway on the azure blue sea, the palm trees move gently in the wind, birds circling in the bright sky - it's like we've fallen into paradise. Instead of working in a dark office with a view of the gray Germany sky, I work here on a balcony, listening to the crashing waves while thinking and being warmed by the rays of the sun. I notice how much happier I am getting every day and how much more fun it is to work in these beautiful surroundings. Homesickness cannot arise there. And if you do, you go out and clear your head with a few laps in the pool.

It's wonderful to work with

As a digital nomad you of course not only enjoy the beautiful sides of your goals, but also have to work normally. And that works really well here on Tenerife. In contrast to other Canary Islands like La Gomera you can find it here many accommodations that have a good, reliable WiFi connection throughout the complex. There are also many different ones Cafés, restaurants and snack bars that offer free WiFi and thus good alternatives in case there should be problems in the accommodation. All digital nomads who may need to keep in touch with their customers by phone also benefit from the Europe-wide, low costs for SMS and telephony.

The most diverse experiences are very close here

In contrast to large countries, you never have to drive far in Tenerife to experience and see all kinds of things. This gives us the opportunity to go on nice trips after work or to discover a new part of the island on the weekend. Whether a walk to the harbor, a Jogging tour on the coastal footpath, an excursion to a picturesque fishing village, hiking tours through nature parks or to the highest mountain in Spain. If you want, you could even take the ferry to other Canary Islands. So it never gets boring. My highlight so far: Our first sailing trip when suddenly a dozen dolphins in front of our bow showed up and we raced through the waves with them.

It is easy to get used to the work routine

Maybe that sounds stupid now, but on Tenerife you can really get used to having a normal working day even in beautiful surroundings. Even if you can enjoy paradisiacal views here - At some point you have explored all the coastal paths in the immediate vicinity and has strolled down all the streets. Compared to other destinations, the lurking distractions are accordingly quite small - after all, you would have to drive for a while to really experience something new. So you can quickly come to terms with starting work normally in the morning and quitting normally in the afternoon. The weekend or designated days can then be used to explore the sights of the island by bus or a booked shuttle.

You really get excited about the world

Tenerife is a popular vacation destination for many different nations. So one encounters English, Italians, French, Russians, Chinese, US-Americans, Scots in everyday life and of course other Germans too. The mixture of the different languages ​​really awakens my spirit of discovery and the desire to explore all the different countries and cultures. The Plans for further goals just gush out of me - it would probably take decades to realize all of them. For me it's the perfect environment to to be inspired by the colorful togetherness of different people and to be bolder and more unusual in your own plans.

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