Who is a good speaker

3 reasons why good speakers are worth it

The old quote from George Lucas is still justified.

There is probably no item in the production budget of a film that brings so much "return on investment". And yet, savings are made so often on the speaker. Why actually? Mostly it is because the setting is at the very end of the production process.

The time required also appears to be negligible compared to the picture. After all, the sound often only takes a day or two, after 3 months of image production.

Admittedly, if you have not yet worked with speakers, a sometimes three or four-figure fee for working an hour seems very high.

However, speakers are not paid for their working hours, but rather for giving an identity to a product with their voice.

This is all the more true for well-known voice actors. So with Manfred Lehmann you bring Bruce Willis directly into the recording studio. And receives fantastic added value for the equivalent of a few hours of production time.

2. The voice is the emotional bridge to the message

Often a film works with its visual content on a factual level and conveys important facts about the product or service. This is also important in order to make concrete statements to the point.

But the spoken word always has an emotional effect. Even if the text is purely factual. A really good speaker can create credibility and trust with his interpretation. And here comes the point where most semi-professional speakers fail:

Familiar and natural, speaking to the viewer without any exaggeration.

An amateur can speak in maybe 3 levels between calm and excited. A professional can offer at least 20 levels between two emotions on demand and thus design the message in a subtle but effective manner.

3. Good speakers work to the point

An important point. The bottom line is that good speakers are usually the cheapest alternative. The calculation is simple. A good speaker can often make a normal film in less than an hour in the recording studio. If an amateur speaks, it often takes 2 hours plus the time for post-production. This is often more expensive.

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