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Arsenal / Filmgalerie 451 - DVD edition

  • THE FORMATIVE YEARS (I) (1972-1975, 142 min.)
  • SHAIHU UMAR (1976, 137 min.)
  • GHASHIRAM KOTWAL (1977, 107 min.)
  • THE FORMATIVE YEARS (II) (1975-1977, 56 min.)
  • ORG (1967-1978, 177 min.)
  • RIDDLES OF THE SPHINX & AMY! (1977-1980, 125 min.)
  • KYA HUA IS SHAHAR KO? (1986, 95 min.)
  • SUDANESE FILM GROUP (1964-1989, 174 min.)
  • ARCHIVE OF VIEWS (1980-1993, 330 min.)
  • KLAUS TELSCHER: THE FILMIC WORK (1979-1995, 296 min.)
  • RIKI KALBE - 15 FILMS (1976-1998, 263 min.)
  • MY WINNIPEG (2007, 79 min.)
  • THE HALFMOON FILES & THE DAY OF THE SPARROW (2007, 2010, 187 min.)
  • STATE-THEATER # 1-6 (2009-2014, 239 min.)
  • HAVARIE (2016, 93 min.)
  • REVISION & AND-EK GHES ... (2012, 2016, 200 min.)

Information on the individual DVDs

THE FORMATIVE YEARS (I) (1972-1975) - Director: Heinz Emigholz
DVD + 20-page booklet - 142 min. + 87 min. Extras
The project THE FORMATIVE YEARS brings together for the first time early short films by Heinz Emigholz that provided important impulses for the international experimental film movement of the 1970s and 80s and are among the few experimental works from Germany that received lasting international attention. SCHENEC-TADY I-III, ARROWPLANE and TIDE appeared together on the DVD THE FORMATIVE YEARS (I). The films ARROWPLANE, TIDE and three episodes of SCHENEC-TADY each consist of thousands of photographs that were recorded on 16 mm film using a Bolex camera according to a previously defined plan. The human gaze is replaced by a sequence of images as the product of a machine that isolates and saves the individual images and reassembles them in the projection in the context of an artificially generated sequence of movements. (no dialogue)
DVD - information, credits & content about THE FORMATIVE YEARS (I)

- Director: Adamu Halilu
DVD + 52-page booklet - 137 min + 21 min.Extra
SHAIHU UMAR, settled in northern Nigeria at the end of the 19th century, begins with a conversation between students of Islam and their respected teacher, Shaihu Umar. When asked about his origins on the basis of his wisdom, he begins to tell his story. Coming from a humble background, Umar is separated from his mother after the death of his father and the exile of his stepfather. On his subsequent ordeal, marked by slavery, he went through several tests until he was adopted as a son by his Arab master Abdulkarim. He attends the Koran school and is made an iman as an adult. After a dream, he decides to look for his mother. For a long time the film was thought to be lost. In 2016 negatives and film copies were rediscovered in the archive of the Nigerian Film Corporation and restored by the Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art with the support of the German Embassy in Abuja. - With Umaru Ladan, Mairiga Aliyu, Husaini Mohammed, Umaru Dembo, Assad Yasin, Harira Kachia and many more. (Language: Hausa, Subtitles: English)
DVD - information, credits & content about SHAIHU UMAR

- Directed by K. Hariharan, Mani Kaul
DVD + 40-page booklet - 107 min.
GHASHIRAM KOTWAL is based on the drama of the same name. The film combines the formal language of the theater with experimental cinema to portray the final years of the Marathas before the British came to power. It gives an insight into a world marked by intrigue, in which the nobles rule over an already weakened empire and at the same time ruthlessly exploit the working population and women. The film is also an homage to the tradition of dance theater, which in western India formed the basis of popular culture and counterculture. GHASHIRAM KOTWAL was the first project by YUKT, a film cooperative founded in 1976 by sixteen students from the Film & Television Institute of India. - With Mohan Agashe, Om Puri, Mohan Gokhale, Rajni Chauhan and actors from the Theater Academy, Pune (language: Marathi, subtitles: English, German)
DVD - Information, credits & content about GHASHIRAM KOTWAL

- Director: Heinz Emigholz
DVD + 20-page booklet - 56 min. + 120 min. Extras
DEMON and HOTEL appeared together on the DVD THE FORMATIVE YEARS (II). As previously in ARROWPLANE or TIDE (THE FORMATIVE YEARS (I)) the landscapes were broken down into fixed points and their connections according to the scores, Heinz Emigholz breaks through temporal linear recordings in several episodes in HOTEL by breaking them down into parts and making these parts recognizable patterns subsequently assembled into each other. In DEMON, the filmic recording process gives the words a time dimension that is independent of the story. What made Frieder Grafe realize that language can be an object here, "a counterpart". - With Silke Grossmann, Heinz Emigholz / Marcia Bronstein, Susanne Christmann, Silke Grossmann, Hilka Nordhausen, Gabriele Kreis, Renée Pötzscher, Christoph Derschau, Bodo von Dewitz, Hannes Hatje, Gernot Meyer, Steffen Poppenberg, Klaus Wyborny (no dialogue)
DVD - Information, credits & content for THE FORMATIVE YEARS (II)

ORG (1967-1978)
- Director: Fernando Birri
DVD + 68-page booklet - 177 min. + 24 min. Extras
The 91-year-old director, poet, painter, teacher and founder of film schools has been a central figure in Latin American cinema since his debut film Tire Dié. For Birri, the film was the result of his Italian exile experience: "The film ORG is a nightmare with closed eyes because it is one of the most terrible moments of my life, my second exile that lasted a very long time." The story of ORG is based on one ancient Indian legend, which Thomas Mann also took up in his story "The exchanged heads". Above all, however, the film is a perception experiment with over 26,000 cuts and almost 700 audio tracks. Partly financed by the main actor Mario Girotti, also known as Terence Hill, ORG enables a kaleidoscopic insight into the experimental, aesthetic and political currents of the 1970s. - With Terence Hill, Lidija Juraçik, Isaac Twen Obu, Nolika Pereda, Pietro Santalamazza, Francesco Di Giacomo (Language: Italian, Subtitles: English, German)
DVD - information, credits & content about ORG

RAMDENIME INTERWIU PIRAD SAKITCHEBSE (1978) - Director: Lana Gogoberidse
DVD + 28-page booklet - 95 min.
Sopiko is completely absorbed in her job. As a journalist, she interviews a wide variety of women about their living conditions and wishes. She realizes too late that her own happiness and family are suffering as a result. Lana Gogoberidse narrates sensitively about the interlocking of the private and the political, which is also continued in Sopiko's memories of the mother who, incomprehensible to the child, disappeared in the Gulag. With its focus on the everyday struggles of an emancipated woman and the reflection on female life plans, RAMDENIME INTERWIU PIRAD SAKITCHEBSE (some interviews on personal questions) is considered to be one of the first feminist films of the Soviet Union. - With Sofiko Chiaureli, Gia Badridze, Ketevan Orakhelashvili, Janri Lolashvili, Salome Kancheli and many more. (Language: Georgian, Subtitles: English, German)

- Director: Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen
DVD + 52-page booklet - 125 min. + 77 min. Extras
Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen have decisively influenced and permanently changed film theory with their theoretical work on feminism and the semiology of film. Her work was at the same time part of a social movement that was aiming for a new social practice in the style of the 1970s. This also includes their joint film work, in which they combine their positions on film theory with film practice. - With Dinah Stabb, Merdel Jordine, Rhiannon Tise / Feminist Improvising Group, X-ray Spex, Jack Hylton and His Orchestra (Language: English, Subtitles: German)
DVD - information, credits & content about RIDDLES OF THE SPHINX & AMY!

SPECTERS OF FREEDOM - CINEMA AND DECOLONIZATION (1969-1982) - Directed by Ruy Guerra, Murilo Salles, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Assia Djebar, Joaquim Lopes Barbosa and Sarah Maldoror
DVD + 44-page booklet - 311 min.
The six films on this DVD edition exemplarily show how the decolonization of a world that has been shaped by centuries of European hegemony over large parts of the global south also became a matter for the cinema. While the title “Specters of Freedom” refers to the ghostly and irrepressible nature of all films, especially when they are taken from an archive and brought to life, it also indicates that the colonial past continues to haunt our present. The political and poetic verve of these films - here released on DVD for the first time - is anything but outdated. (Language: Arabic, English, French, Makonde, Portuguese, Xironga, Subtitles: English)
DVD - information, credits & content for SPECTERS OF FREEDOM - CINEMA AND DECOLONIZATION

KYA HUA IS SHAHAR KO? (1986) - Director: Deepa Dhanraj
DVD + 24-page booklet - 95 min. + 70 min extras
A pioneering film-political work of current relevance: Riots between Hindus and Muslims in 1984 are the starting point of this film with immense political power, which it achieves through its complexity. A dedicated commentary gives the film its historical perspective, which gives the special presence of the camera the necessary depth and complexity. Mechanisms of political power struggles, the dynamics between those in power as well as the instrumentalization of economic conditions and urban poverty lead to an impressive analysis and unique foresight on the development of communalist conflicts and marginalization politics. Recordings in the midst of an outbreak of violence are accompanied by calm observations of the devastating consequences of everyday life in an exceptional state, whereby the film reaches a respectful poetry and contemplative level that goes far beyond a valuable reportage. Deepa Dhanraj founded the Yugantar Film Collective (1980–83) and has since made numerous documentaries. Many of her films deal with topics closely related to the Indian women's movement, of which she is one of the most important representatives.
DVD - Info, Credits & Content for KYA HUA IS SHAHAR KO?

FILMS BY SHEILA MCLAUGHLIN AND LYNNE TILLMAN (1976-1987) - Director: Sheila McLaughlin
DVD + 32-page booklet - 194 min. + 30 min. Extras
The three films by the American filmmaker and actress Sheila McLaughlin stand for a development of experimental film that took place in the 1970s and 1980s away from a radically material, self-reflective film form towards the narrative forms of independent film, in which new forms of cinematic representation and documentation were developed. INSIDE OUT– With Lizzie Borden, Mary Rattray, Mirien Soto. COMMITTED - With Sheila McLaughlin, Victoria Boothby, Lee Breuer, John Erdman, Heinz Emigholz. SHE MUST BE SEEING THINGS (The Last of Feelings) - With Sheila Dabney, Lois Weaver, Kyle DeCamp, John Erdman (Language: English, Subtitles: German)

SUDANESE FILM GROUP (1964-1989) - Directed by Suliman Elnour, Eltayeb Mahdi, Ibrahim Shaddad
DVD + 72-page booklet - 174 min.
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a group of filmmakers who were then working in the film department of the Ministry of Culture published CINEMA magazine. This group founded the Sudanese Film Group (SFG) in April 1989 in order to be able to operate more independently of the state. Her goal was to be involved in all aspects of film production, screening and teaching, and to maintain the Sudanese passion for cinema. On June 30, 1989, however, the coup, which brought with it a distrust of all forms of art, put an end to all cultural endeavors. All civil society organizations were banned. In 2005 the state's firm hand was finally loosened somewhat and the SFG was able to register again. (Language: Arabic, German, Russian, Subtitles: Arabic, English)
DVD - Information, credits & content about SUDANESE FILM GROUP

ARCHIVE OF VIEWS (1980-1993) - Director: Rüdiger Neumann
DVD - 330 min.
Rüdiger Neumann, filmmaker and professor at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, has influenced two generations of filmmakers with his teaching activities who have a say in today's German cinema. In the 1980s and 1990s, the HfbK was the only experimental and political alternative to the film schools in Munich and Berlin. Rüdiger Neumann's controversial Thursday seminar is legendary. The five most important films by Rüdiger Neumann are published on this DVD for the first time. (no dialogue)
DVD - information, credits & content for ARCHIVE OF THE VIEWS

- Director: Klaus Telscher
DVD (2 discs) + 64-page booklet - 296 min.
Klaus Telscher is one of the most important German experimental filmmakers of the 1980s and 90s. Photographically subtle and complex in the cinematic structure, his work is libidinal and at the same time intellectual, atmospherically dense, playful and snappy. (Language: German, English, Français, Subtitles: English)

RIKI KALBE - 15 FILMS (1976-1998) - Director: Riki Kalbe
DVD + 12-page booklet - 263 min.
The DVD brings together Riki Kalbe's cinematic oeuvre for the first time. Riki Kalbe (1941–2002) was a filmmaker and photographer, networker, story and image collector. She loved concrete things and discovered metaphorical universes in them, invented the feminist hacker and thus anticipated reality, she researched everyday stories and the question of what can be remembered how, and she devoted herself to remembering that which had disappeared through memory. Between 1976 and 1998 she made 15 films, some of them in collaboration, among others with Barbara Kasper, Bettina von Arnim. (Language: German, Subtitles: English)
DVD - information, credits & content for RIKI KALBE - 15 FILMS

- Directed by Guy Maddin
DVD + 12-page booklet - 79 min.
MY WINNIPEG is a sleepwalker dream: while working on this autobiography, which is one with the biography of that snowy place in the Canadian province of Manitoba, Maddin found himself in the house of his childhood. Performers pose as brothers, sisters and family dogs in the living room. In the background the mother like a living picture. The new resident, an elderly lady, does not move from her chair. If you travel into the past in Winnipeg, the aged present will not leave your side. MY WINNIPEG proves that in view of the oeuvre as a whole, one can speak of a Maddin's genre: profound, disturbing and, in this, original cinematographic. - With Ann Savage, Louis Negin, Darcy Fehr, Amy Stewart (Language: English, Subtitles: German)
DVD - information, credits & content about MY WINNIPEG

(2007, 2010) - Director: Philip Scheffner
DVD (2 discs) + 20-page booklet - 187 min.
In his films, Philip Scheffner realizes his very own kind of political thinking, through which the visible and the invisible are redistributed. He creates multi-layered viewing and listening spaces, interweaves stories and pursues an intensive search for clues with always open connection points. THE HALFMOON FILES is a film about the interdependence of politics, colonialism, science and the media. A film about gaps, omissions and the construction of history. In short: a ghost story. THE DAY OF THE SPARROW is a political nature film. It is about a country where the line between war and peace is disappearing. (Language, German, English, Subtitles: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese)
DVD - information, credits & content about THE HALFMOON FILES & THE DAY OF THE SPARROW

STATE THEATER # 1-6 (2009-2014)
- Director: Daniel Kötter / Constanze Fischbeck
DVD (2 discs) + 16-page booklet - 239 min.
The Greek word “theater” first describes the location, the architecture of the performance and less what is presented. Even after decades and centuries, theater architecture represents the order in which it was created. The geometric space of architecture stands against the anthropological space of its use. state-theater examines those places that are stripped of their immediate social functional context. Abandoned places, construction sites, converted and unused buildings; urban voids, originally conceived as meeting places. (Language: German, English, Farsi, Arabic, French, Subtitles: English, German)
DVD - Information, credits & content for STATE-THEATER # 1-6

- Director: Philip Scheffner
DVD + 20-page booklet - 93 min. + 39 min. Extras
At the 14th.September 2012 at 2:56 p.m. the cruise ship Adventure of the Seas reported to the Spanish sea rescue at these coordinates the sighting of a maneuverable dinghy with 13 people on board. The radio communication between the cruise ship, the headquarters in the port of Cartagena, the rescue cruiser Salvamar Mimosa and the helicopter Helimer 211 structures the acoustic space of the film. From recordings with tourists and officers on the cruise liner, with the crew of a container ship, with Harraga, les bruleurs - "who burn their passports", and their families, the biographical lines of flight of the documentary material are extended into a cinematic imagination. On the image level, the cinematic space contracts into a single, uncut sequence that curves over the entire duration of the film. It is a short YouTube clip that seems to us today like the essence, the condensation of the situation in the Mediterranean. In single images, the inflatable boat with 13 figures on board becomes the icon of the daily news images, we are forced to look. (Language: OmU, Subtitles: English, German, French, Polish)
DVD - information, credits & content on HAVARIE

REVISION & AND-EK GHES ... (2012, 2016) - Director: Philip Scheffner, Colorado Velcu (AND-EK GHES ...)
DVD (2 discs) + 32-page booklet - 200 min. + 36 min. Extras
A documentary becomes a cinematic REVISION. He reconstructs the circumstances that led to the deaths of Grigore Velcu and Eudache Calderar in 1992 in a field near the German-Polish border. The files contain the names and addresses of Grigore Velcu and Eudache Calderar. Little did their families know that a trial had ever taken place. AND-EK GHES… is the continuation of an extraordinary collaboration between co-directors Philip Scheffner and Colorado Velcu. It began with the film REVISION: The attempt to open up a common cinematic space between protagonists, filmmakers and the audience is now being expanded three years later. - With Colorado Velcu, Parizan Nistor, Casino Nistor, Eldorado Velcu, Calil Velcu, Noami Nistor, Rebeca Velcu, Sara Velcu and many more. (Language: German, Romani, Romanian, Spanish, Subtitles: German, English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish)
DVD - information, credits & content about REVISION & AND-EK GHES ...

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